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You are a part of the very Advanced civilization Spanning three star systems.
A genetic plague threatens to destroy your species Which is feline In nature.
You are currently located on Cargo ship On its way to an Outpost.
Along the way, your craft is notified With daily updates And news from your Homeworld.
You're an operative on rotation to an outpost Beyond known space Coincidentally The Outpost is located on Alpha Centauri right next to the solar system where a premature space civilization is just beginning.
Currently on their calendar it's 1989(00880A4S7 relative) Nearing Alpha Centauri you wake up three months before arrival as protocol on approach trajectories make it so that you pass the Sol system you take notice of higher than normal background radiation and the RF Spectrum has recognizable patterns. congratulations you have just discovered Earth under further examination and Analysis of radio chatter discover a primordial space civilization almost nearly similar to your own they are so close to discovering hyperspace travel yet so far away you take the advantage to take samples whilst you're on the way to Alpha Centauri you pick up three mammals a wolf a tomcat and a mouse.
You think to yourself these non-sentient creatures would make great study material I'm sure to get recommendation from my academic Union you continue on your way to Alpha Centauri but the specimens in chronometric &nbspsuspended animation and much more expensive way of skipping the journey ahead but since it's unknown physiology and biology cannot be easily sustained with traditional hypersleep it's the best compromise On arriving  to the Alpha Centauri orbital Outpost unloading the cargo you speak to your Lieutenant (by the way that I mention you're a corporal)
about the  sample specimens you got from Earth and tell them that there is a gold mine of information there you asked him if you could borrow some of the schedule time from the communications array And aim it directly to the soul system to gather information Your Lieutenant tells you that they're currently not using it for anything except for daily down links from news and updates you tell the lieutenant that the station can use who's cargo craft 2 download the information the main array could be used for these lower frequency signals from the Proto species you tell him the signs from this is inconsequential you successfully convinced him the merits of doing this 3 months pass by and you have already accumulated enough data on the animals gathered, in particular, the Tomcat is part of the female of the species and shares 99 of the chromosomes between your own species the evidence is shocking stop receiving a data downlinks from home world no updates, nothing.
You only had one relative on Homeworld and that was your uncle you only met him once but he was drunk he didn't seem very friendly or very family-like but none the less you're worried about the people and friends back home you're finally informed about the plague ravaging the  2 colonies and Homeworld the lieutenant on the PA system asks the audience from you he informs you it's important upon meeting the lieutenant he tells you that he's lost all contact with all military personnel on all frequencies and all channels since you were the last outpost ever constructed there are no other offworld colonies or Outpost in existence Alpha Centauri was the only star system with habitable world with potential modification for terraforming within the radius of Homeworld therefore it could be possible that they could not quarantine this plague and you are the only two of your kind in the universe knowing that there is not enough genetic material between the two of them to clone a successful variety of genetic diversity you're going to have to  take genetic material from the sample species felines from Earth you go back on a recon mission to get more genetic variety you come back with 28 different variety of feline all of them distinct and diverse enough to sustain a colony they're all  Quadra ped which is an issue since you are a five petal feline anthroid(Humanoid) The Outpost is manned by 88 Androids and one lieutenant and you making it  90 in personnel you have enough resources to colonize a planet after all that's what an outpost is for you decide to bring your species back from Extinction Which genetic engineering you take the 29 feline samples and dog and mouse samples and creates three distinct races for the planet below to be inhabited by I'll see some terje will be inhabited by a hybrid species between Earth and your own once all the preparations are done a drop pod descends onto the planet's carrying with it 1000 experimental genetically engineered hybrids the planet was already inhabited by their unique vegetation and ecology is already in place it was just an empty so all you needed to do was put down a populist but these hybrids are not sentient yet they need to be guided so with that in mind you hop on to your transport Cruiser since it's the only one with hypersleep Chambers and your Lieutenant with you sleeps for another million years which is pushing the system which was designed for only 6000 years of continual use taking a break every 6000 years you guide the species until it's in the industrial revolution They come to realize that they're very Territorial and have very small nation-states bordering every river strangely enough they avoid the crash site of the original Dropship curiously enough it's missing it didn't carry any Advanced Technologies on it it just had a heat shield that was abrasive enough and aerodynamic enough to fall slowly onto the ground there's no evidence of it being moved  it's as if it  vanished you notice that there is a geographical feature near the nearly 35 years just before you woke up but it was nowhere near the ship it could be that it is covered in pumice and Ash a very immature assumption but you're not a geologist you're a botanist and a genetic Ecologist. After observing the species for 800,000 years time you noticed the Civilization you created it is Finally creating monuments three-sided pyramids are being erected near The Landing site, Nothing impressive only 30 m in height.
After another 6000 years in the hypersleep chamber, your new civilizations is seemingly
stuck in a  age just after the Industrial Revolution where nothing happens the species does eventually expand on two different regions of the planet but their technology is stagnant after another 12,000 years there is a technological breakthrough and they have discovered how to manipulate the electron elementary particle Eureka they have discovered electricity they don't really see a use for it other than small Mercury lamps but you don't know if they're going to discover the transistor or AC current you have to go to sleep for another 6000 years before as though you have to do routine maintenance on all of the Androids like every other 6000 years since there could be issues when some of the Androids don't know how to maintain themselves especially with their artificial intelligence programming not having the best common sense in accordance with protocol.
Continuing on with the observations of the species you notice that the dogs didn't evolve at all you were already potentially biased towards the felines that you didn't consider getting extra genetic samples for Genetic diversity mice are suffering the same predicament they are staying low-level rodents only capable of instinct.
The felines have discovered rocketry; Only simple solid fuel Rockets nothing space Worthy still completely radio silence they are not utilizing any electrical equipment at this point in time.
After 18000 years the Industrial Revolution is over and you are detecting low-frequency radio waves for the first time they have discovered the transistor nearly a thousand years ago but haven't done anything resembling Digital Electronics only simply utilizing it as an amplifier Their technical advancements is rather slow curious on to why this is true realize that there is a religious regime on the southwestern part of the continent their influences seem to be responsible for the slow pace of Technology demonizing any form of it. you think to yourself “there should be a way to subvert this Dogma” You send in a covert Android to gather intelligence for 6000 years If the task of slowly enlightening them wish Advanced Digital electronic devices and nuclear power and the power of flight was that in mind it was off to the hypersleep chamber upon Awakening your Android was recalled by the supercomputer on your Outpost nearly 2,000 years after you sent it down it appears that the civilization is thriving very well you are already picking up TV signals and a very primitive source of energy not nuclear strangely but it seems to be mechanical in nature a hybrid hydrothermal vent has been utilized as an energy plant something you didn't expect but impressive.
They haven't taken to the sky strange Knowing that the gravity is far weaker on this planet the anomaly at play here is they have not taken advantage of airfoils for some reason.
You look at the political landscape and you realize nothing violent about any of these nations the more religious Nations have a larger following with higher populations ranging in the Millions some of the smaller states have a more Buddhist approach to life some of the other ethnic groups are becoming quite fascist but it's a very small movement compared to the 2 billion strong inhabitants of this world. Fearing detection The Outpost was moved behind The Star.
Indirect camouflage relay satellites constantly observe the inhabitants from now on but they're basically just cannibalized Android parts haphazardly throwing together You think for a moment at this state there's a spot near a valley that looks quite a lot like the place you grew up in back at home world you wonder if you could settle down there you wouldn't look too different the physiologies were genetically designed to appear as your own species you would fit in quite nicely and live out your life as a simple farmer thinking of this happiness is short-lived as the nation you were thinking about settling on  has just entered Civil War knowing that another six thousand years would mean more technological development would it be that bad there technological advancement is fairly slow anyways the next six thousand years could mean they've already entered the space age or nothing could happen the choice is hard your Lieutenant tells you based on predictions the prognosis program says the nation-state you're thinking about living in might be entirely wiped out based on a 67% prediction You convinced the lieutenant to send in an Android to infiltrate the military and show them how to use aircraft to change the tide of War knowing this you could live happily ever after after successful infiltration with having close calls at every corner you successfully teach them how to use airfoils their designs are very peculiar we skipped the Piston engines stage into the jet age very quickly the nation state warring side has an increased morale boost knowing they can finally conquer the skies The new Incredible history surrounds the valley a technological Revolution happens knowing this the lieutenant also joins the corporal (you) in the nation state down onto the planet and sends The Outpost back to home world Do you have just earned yourself early retirement even though you're 848,035 years old.
furry evolution
I wrote this within an hour and I don't really like to look through everything I did wrong so I didn't have time to put the good details that I want'ed.

update: some grammar fixes and errors  
I spent a lot of time watching 2020 .3 hours of Naruto for a long time and its been 654.71 hours straight


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