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Yo what is up I am Valiant (Val if you like) and I'm here because I like to be apart of ARPGs and supporting old friends stuck in this hell hole. If you know me from somewhere else, CONGRATS you found nothing sparkles emoji

My art style is always improving and I'm always trying new things, don't be surprised to see my style change rapidly ... also it's because my literal minor brain damage firing those whacky synapses when i draw. Yeah. My little oopsie brain often makes me write things in a very cryptic, nonsensical way. If I write something and you do not understand feel free to ask me to reexplain! Don't fall out of windows kids!

Discord: Hi Y'all. I mentioned this in the Discord a few weeks back but with the Anniversary coming up in a bit, I'm sure there will be a bunch of MYOs. For a lot of players, being in Last Notch will be lonely, seeing that it will mostly be MYOs in the area. So, I decided to make a small minigame with an overarching plot which will be officially running on the 1st of August, however there will be a small miniature event between the 19th and to the 30th. The Event will run for approximately one month, but I might extend it. The Premise of "Last Notch: Bandit and Sheriffs" is that the local kids have been playing a long running game with each other, known as "Bandits and Sheriffs" -- The wyngling chooses either side of Bandit and Sheriffs. Each side is trying to generate the most amount of points to win by the end of the Event, which side wins will determine the outcome of the winning team. There will be four prompts, One Sheriff, One Bandit and Two
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Yo check out this new Myo only open for this week!
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All things must grow - You have the right to exist. :createwithpride:
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