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Female Unicorn Pony Base + DL

Female Unicorn Pony base now for MMD

when adding the new texture
make the lip,nose,and horn markings the same color as the coat but some shades darker. this gives the illusion of depth and as well cartoon outline.

Adjust the horn to suit your needs/mane styles.
get creative with the manes, swap manes and tails to create something different. or just turn the pony into something new four legged creature....or make a monster.
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Very cute unicorn. Dl
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download for my me model
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Downloaded. Will be good for learning how to use PMDeditor. :D
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I want to make a monster with it...xD It's cute, in any case~ *downloaded*
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u can make monsters out of the male version too
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Using the male version might be better, actually, lol. 83
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I could have done this.
I should have -_-
(sorry for the pointless comment)
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someone asked me to upload a female unicorn base.
i don't mind
in fact i enjoy doing these things
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thanks this is the forth pony base i've put up.
i really want to make some of the other charecters on the show too
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yup now i just need to make the male variant
it uses a different head mold then the females
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