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So, do you see it?
This is my body, unedited. To you it may seem like I'm proud of being the shape I am in because I show it, but I want to say that I am not. People's minds work differently. You may seem skinny thighs and a flat belly, but when I look in the mirror I see something completely different. Same with my face really. You see my face almost daily when I upload and say I was pretty or even beautiful. Now I want to say that I see soemthing completely different. My mind simply works diferent than yours. When I look into the mirror I see fat, a spotty face, a real mess. And I can't help that. My attention is drawn to my insecurities and the reason I take photos is that I want to show that. I want to show how different people are. Taking pictures is my way to deal with my insecurities and my body/face. To show others they're not alone with it. Everybody has their flaws and I want to show mine. Maybe to you they're not on the outside and to me they are, but they certainly are on the inside.
So no, I don't like my body and accepting compliments is something I can't do, but I still show it to encourage others to do the same. Show your flaws. If they're real or not doesn't matter.
I hope I amde sense by saying that and I hope you have a great day/night. I love you all :heart:

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Sorry that I'm so late but this!!!! I love this post! I relate to so much about what you say. I can sometimes see what others see when they look at me but I never really accept my body.

"My attention is drawn to my insecurities and the reason I take photos is that I want to show that"

Exactly. I love what you're doing, thank you.

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Jeder denkt über sich selbst so. "OMG! Wie seh ich nur aus? Die anderen haben den schöneren Körper, das schönere Gesicht, die schöneren Haare! Was denken die nur über mich, weil ich so abstoßend bin?"
Das geht absolut jedem so. Manche haben es vielleicht über die Zeit akzeptiert, aber wer sagt, dass es ihm nie so ging, der lügt sich selbst was vor.
Ich weiss, dass ich deine Meinung über dich selbst wohl nicht ändern kann, aber meiner Meinung nach bist du ein wirklich hübsches Mädel.
Glaub an dich, dann wirst du dich hoffentlich irgendwann selbst akzeptieren
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Looks great dear :D
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First off, I want to say that I can understand and appreciate your comments on being focused only on your flaws and how you portray yourself versus how others see you. While I say you are beautiful that actually includes your so called "flaws." I will tell you right now, I don't think I could ever stand being with a flawless "Barbie." I really hope that your self perception can change in the future so that you can see what we all really see in you. Being comfortable enough to show us your true self "flaws and all" is really the best quality anyone could ever ask for. It requires a certain level of humility and honesty that can be hard for so many of us to look past when it comes to looking at ourselves and the public portrayal.

Trust me, just listen to the people like amourdombre or myself, cause we really know what we are talking about here. :D  :love:  :tighthug:
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Well written! Great self portrait!
ValeskaZombie's avatar
Thank you so much :)
distortionsreflect's avatar
You're very welcome. :)
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You are right. Perception is a delicate and fundamentally subjective thing, and yet it effects our entire world. 
Though just about every teenage girl goes through a period of body image issues, sometimes, for some people, it is much more than that, and for them to be thrown in with all the other "oh, it's just a phase" girls is very insensitive and can be downright cruel. I have been guilty of that, even though I myself have often been a victim, even perpetually as I was growing up. But, alas, my perception, ironically, makes it near impossible to tap into your perception, though I will work to be more sensitive.

I can only hope that you one day have what the philosopher, Kant, described as a "Copernican Revolution". Copernicus was the first person whose perception was open enough to notice that the Earth orbits the Sun instead of vice versa. This change in perception, or paradigm shift, can be applied to all that we perceive, both of our selves and the world around us... if that makes sense.
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You have really hit the nail on the head. People find it very hard to admit their insecurities, and it doesn't end when you are young, it stays with you. Art is about both finding beauty in things around us and also showing people that they are not alone in their feelings about themselves. I try to do that in my way in many of my paintings. It is a courageous thing to do as people do not always like truths, but it is essential as it can help others with their own struggles. You are of course right that what other people see is their reality, not yours, but in a way being aware of your insecurities helps you face them. I hope life goes well with you. You are a decent human being.      
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Comments like yours make me wish that deviantART had a "Like" button for comments. Instead, I just have to reply and tell you directly how profound, genuine, and insightful your comment is.
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hello now it does bahaha

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Thanks. It is all so easy to take people at face value. Valeska's 'Read Description' told me that she had something to say and her perceptive comments deserved some support. 
ValeskaZombie's avatar
Thank you so much for your kind words :heart:
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I'm not going to disagree with you...even though I'm always right..:) You know what I see. I tell you almost every're beautiful...but I think I understand. Like the scars on face and body that you never mention but I see them every time I look in the mirror. ...or my fat ass. :heart:
ValeskaZombie's avatar
Exactly that. Nobody else notices your flaws instantly but you yourself see them everyday and the own mind tends to get twisted.. :heart:
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I understand sweetie...:heart:  now excuse me while I think pervy thoughts about your shorts..:kiss: :kiss:
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Ich denke, dass du einigen Usern hier sicher aus der Seele sprichst. Also zumindest, wenn sie sich die Mühe machen, zu lesen, was du schreibst.
Ein in meinen Augen ehrliches und wertvolles Statement! :-)
ValeskaZombie's avatar
Vielen Dank. Ich hoffe wirklich das sich manche die Zeit nehmen um es kurz zu lesen :)
Wetterlage's avatar
Es werden wenige sein.  Alles Liebe dir. :-)
ValeskaZombie's avatar
Alles Liebe zurück :)
Wetterlage's avatar
Es ist (nicht wegen diesem Bild ... aber ein Plus) ein Geschenk, dich zu kennen. :-)
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Aww das ist echt lieb :)
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