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January 18, 2010
Magic night by *VaLerka-Ru is quite a heartwarming and lovely piece and I was thrilled when I was suggested it! I absolutely love the coloring style used by *VaLerka-Ru and the outfit is just perfect! I really love the frills underneath the over coat, they look awesome and the lighting from what she is holding sucks me right in. I love this!
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Suggested by xandau
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Magic night

:snowflake::snowflake::snowflake: Happy New Year! :snowflake::snowflake::snowflake:

:damphyr: for

Done in 2009
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love the winter scene here
awesome and cute at same time
IdRoc's avatar
awwww this painting gives you a really warm and fuzzy feeling inside.... ^_^ WONDERFUL artwork!
ChoSuzumori's avatar
Magic~ kawaii ^^
WesleyDA's avatar
How cute! ^-^
ersatz-moon's avatar
WOW! This picture is beautiful! I love everything about it, the composition is great, and even the small thumbnail attracted me to click into this picture!!!! Simply stunning, very well done
I love the color tones and it brings back great memories! The contrast and lighting is miraculous!
5 for vision because i love the colors (:
5 for originality because ihaven't seen a photo like this yet!!!
i'll give you a 4 for technique because of the way the photo was set up! i'm not sure how much skill is required for it, thus my rating might not be so well!
and you can't just judge a photo by stars, soooo
Overall a wonderful picture :]]]]
i really enjoyed looking at it <3
chucap93's avatar
beautiful artwork
effulgent-smile's avatar
Круто! Круто! Очень круто! Жаль, что в таком небольшом разрешении, хотелось бы рассмотреть поближе детали)
Nataly1st's avatar
Your beautiful work has been featured in my new Journal: [link]
Have a beautiful day!! :tighthug:
VaLerka-Ru's avatar
Thank you very much!:blowkiss:
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The details in this are INCREDIBLE! :wow: i love the outfit and how the candle(?) glows. Beautiful piece and congratulations on the DD!
Nintendo-Nut1's avatar
Oh, so pretty! LOVE the coat design! ^^
ayinvui's avatar
Very, very nice & detailed & the colors are EPIC!
Giver's avatar
Beautiful! I love the contrast between the detailed coloring and the simple shapes of the trees and fences. The way you created the snow is really magical, too. Great job.
ihaveartaddiction2's avatar
Im not a huge fan of anime or manga which ever its called lol,, But i love htis :D it would make like a great holiday card ..and also i want her clothing ^^
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malisaa's avatar
on the first sight it looks so simpel but its full of details! turned out very lovely =D
drkrinku's avatar
da pra mim da *O* its soooo amaaaazing :D
Minuki's avatar
awww so cute!!x3
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