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Hello! Participation in this competition was an incredible success for me, because it was not only a rewarding experience, but also an opportunity to become part of something bigger.

The plot of my illustration tells of the adventures of Hiccup and Astrid in mysterious dragon dungeons, where they discover something incredible and frightening at the same time.

When I  worked on the composition, I tried to make all the characters and elements of the environment closely interconnected, which made the image harmonious and complete.

Initially, my work was supposed to be very colorful, but in the end I chose a monochrome color palette. I think this gives the image some nostalgic moods that cause sad, but bright feelings at the same time.

I tried to get as close as possible to the style of the cartoon, fully conveying its spirit and mood. I made every effort so that my work would fit the format of the studio and could contribute to the promotion of the franchise in the future. I want to believe that the result matches my words.

I did my best to make my work worthy of competition. Competitive activity is a mandatory step in the life of each artist; This allows you to objectively evaluate your skills and abilities, as well as to understand what you should strive for. But there is a more pleasant side of the question - everyone can see the work of other talented artists, and I am glad that your studio gives such a chance to everyone.

I used the textures from :………
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J25TheArcKing2Hobbyist General Artist
Exploring the dungeon! It's on their quest!

Good painting of Hiccup, Astrid and Stormfly. Fantastic! I like the scenery too.
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ValeriJanRootStudent Digital Artist
Thank you so much)
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Astrid never really had guessed how stressful it would be for her when Hiccup actually started living a life like the heroes of saga!
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Jackfrost-300-truefrHobbyist Digital Artist
It looks like the twilight zone lol
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ValeriJanRootStudent Digital Artist
Very fun.
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Nhi-theuserof-thisHobbyist Artist
Good job stranger on the internet!
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ValeriJanRootStudent Digital Artist
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