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Thank you very much for stopping by my stock gallery! As much as I would like to thank everybody individually who faves my stock images, I just don´t have the time anymore to do this. So, just know that I appreciate it very much if you stop by and fave :-)


If you use a stock photo of mine, please link back to image page and give credit. I would also love to see how my stock was used, so comment on the respective page of the image you used! Most of my images have a Creative Commons license. I allow commercial use of my stock, as long as you do something creative with it. So, no need to ask me if you can use my images for school projects, CD covers, websites, flyers or such. All I ask is a mentioning of my name, and if possible, a link back. I understand that this sometimes is not possible, in this case, please contact me beforehand.

By sharing my art, I want to give something back to the community that so generously shares their artwork for others to use.

I have seen people taking my Alice in Wonderland backgrounds and selling them as skins for SecondLife. As much as I understand the inner landscape on which this is based, I don´t appreciate it.

If you like my stock, you might want to take a look at my art gallery: :iconvalerianasolaris:

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My Dawanda Shop: Valerianas Studio

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Submitted on
November 3, 2011