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Polymer Clay Alien Egg

Artifact No. 5478/09

Find spot: Planet Qo'noS, Caves of No'Mat

Agent: Tom Berger, D.B.C

Material: Conglomerate of unknown metallic alloys, partly organic material. Please notice safety measures (level 5), until analyis is complete!

Size: ca. 7 cm x 5 cm

See attachment for more information.

Agent Miranda Rosenberg, D.H.A., Department for Time-Travels, Section Archeology

Long awaited, finally here: My first work using Tom´s stamps!

Made from a blown-out chicken egg which I covered in Fimo/Polymer Clay. I impressed the clay with special hand-made art stamps from :iconsavageworlds:. Read more about them here, and take a look at a macro shot of the set.

I added Pearl Ex and more embellishments using the art stamps. The egg stand is made from cardboard, painted with acryl gold, stamped with my stamps and embossed.

I found the idea for the egg stamps and a template on Dad can do, but sadly it is no longer available freely there.

Did I already mention working with these stamps was so much fun? The stamps from Tom are not designs I would usually use, and getting into the energy of them proved to be an interesting experience, which is reflected in the design. I don´t even know how I should call the result, it is some sort of dragon-like, Klingon alien style :-)

For sale in my Dawanda Shop: Valerianas Studio
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this egg looks like it should be in the Zelda game as a Hyrule CooCoo egg. :D
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That was my first thought ha.
ValerianaSolaris's avatar
:-) I take this as a compliment, although I am totally unfamiliar with the Zelda games. Gap in education, I know :-)
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Hello! I wanted to let you know that this was featured in #projecteducate's Artisan Crafts Week as one of the most notable examples of artisan crafts. You can read the article here: [link] and feel free to be a part of the Artisan Crafts week, we have lots of activities and a contest planed! :)

Keep up the good work!
ValerianaSolaris's avatar
Thank you so much! A beautiful feature, and I feel very honored you included me!
Talty's avatar
You are welcome ^^
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PenguinsPlunder's avatar
All I can say is Woooow
beansbigtop's avatar
Reminds me of something I would see in a Legend of Zelda game. Probably because of the triforce-like pattern there. ^^;
this egg RULES and is stunning to look at!
ValerianaSolaris's avatar
Thank you very much :-)
NycterisA's avatar
Holy cow, that was a $250 set of hand-made stamps?!
That's just nuts, dear.
You should marry him. :giggle:
ValerianaSolaris's avatar
:-) How did you know? :-) It was a little less, but adding shipping and German customs taxes, you are getting close!
NycterisA's avatar
I know because he said it in his deviation description. ;)
ValerianaSolaris's avatar
He did? I obviously missed that :-)
savageworlds's avatar
=DBrava! Now where is that recipe for alien egg salad?;)

“The greatest achievement was at first and for a time a dream. The oak sleeps in the acorn, the bird [or alien;)] waits in the egg, and in the highest vision of the soul a waking angel stirs. Dreams are the seedlings of realities.” -(James Allen)
ValerianaSolaris's avatar
:-) I am glad you like it. But please, don´t eat it!!
DaRk-f0x's avatar
Woooow that turned out so awesomely cool :D

Insane! :D
ValerianaSolaris's avatar
:-) Thank you very much!
DaRk-f0x's avatar
My pleasure :D

I trying really hard to find a spot in time to try out that tutorial, but it's just so hard to manage everything...
ValerianaSolaris's avatar
No worries :-) I have some plans in my head what I would love to make, and sometimes just don´t find the time for it. That is the result of a busy life :-)
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