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Character Bio: Archie Johns

So, I finally decided to enter a contest from the Evo-lovers Club and The Brotherhood Club. It's an OC contest with several phases. It seemed fun, so I entered. I made extensive research and consulted with my best friends so he wouldn't turn out to be a Marty-Stew or what ever you call them Male Mary-Sue's. I hope I did a good job. Though I doubt I'll go past Phase 2. :XD:

Oh and yes it is Johns not Jones nor Johnson It's Johns pronounced like John but with an S or like a plural John. Two Johns. Three Johns. You get the point. I wanted a generic last name but not too generic.

I chose to put his uniform in the bigger space instead of his civies because that drawing sucked less. :'(

In the first little space it's him in his cives
In the second one it's him when he is water
and the third one is just a close up of him in his civies so you can see his face and his necklace well.

I like how leggy he is. Leggy guys are hawt :drool:.
And maybe's he's a little shorter like around 5' 11" not sure. I just don't want him to bee too short, because he's not a tall guy he's just average.

He can control water vapor but not ice because it does not flow. So if Ice man freezes him he'll be immobile until he melts a little. But if Amara were to evaporate him he could still go back.

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fine, but i don't know what to do for my mission. xD what are you going to do for yours?
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either have them steal from a wolf's den or a ship.
maybe you can do the den XD
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xD you have U-Haul in your team. You can stuff up stuff in her belly button while the other guys do a quick distraction and stuff.
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lolz, in mine. I'm trying not to use powers.
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oh that's true! but Lance would never know! You are part of the brotherhood we break rules damn it!
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