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this comic was made for a comic book that will be sold at SPX 10 in Sweden, I don't feel like telling what book for personal reasons, but if you happen buy it you should recognise this comic, just not in color!

I just colored it because I wanted to see it in color, so it's nothing special really xD it was a random as ~Altara said I should use the "bunny girl" in a comic, so I did, and I'm not kidding when I said it took me less then 5 hours from getting the idea to finish inking the whole comic XD then the coloring might've taken 1-2 hours extra or so, it's not that pretty colored after all :P

well, this may be simple and it may not have much of a story, but I still like it XD so, uhhm, enjoy I guess?
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What it's that??? jajaja it's so very cool
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OMG! and i thought bunnies were her friends!
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haha, noe, they're just tupid and think that she likes them xD
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> w </
More of Valerei's beautiful inking!

I'm a vegetarian. (lol)
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uuhm, you're welcome? xDD
I'm glad you like it x3

and that made me lol so hard, sorry xD I just didn't think this would be likeable for normal people, even less for vegetarians xD
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Da bunnnay die!!!! =3
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yeah, poor little stupid bunny xDD
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Poor bunny. ;-;
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I knooow, she's so evil D:
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haha XDDD nääe stackars kanin haha XDDD
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jaa, men den va klantig helt enkelt XD
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So awesome... xDDD... d(^w^)b!!!
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haha, glad you like it xDD
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cumbaya my lord cumbaya lalala ja
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*sings with you*
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vad är spx 10?
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en serie..uhm..festial typ? har aldrig varit på det, missade det i år!
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festival? :o mangafestival eller?
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näe, allmän för serier och serietecknare XD
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