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A whole new level (Disciples II)



I was supposed to finish this one to the end of october to take part in halloween art contest, and this is not the first time I completely miss contest deadline during this year.
Anyway, my fanart for Disciples II: Dark Prophecy, depicting how "Anti-Paladin -> Infernal Knight" level up could look like, with winged demon emerging from dead, empty body of fallen knight.

While battle system and global tactics of Disciples were interesting, but not enough deep and complex comparing to other turn based strategies, art style itself made Disciples one of the most memorable PC games for me: most of the creatures looked threateningly and creepy (both their models and their portraits), and I'm talking not only about undead and demons - even warriors of human Empire, often the most boring army in fantasy games had pretty badass units in their roster.     

Hope you enjoy my little tribute (even though it's unlikely that too many people on DA remembers this game), and feel free to critique (main flaws that I can see are not completely authentic depiction of in-game models (armor\color schemes), horizontal disbalance and some triviality of demon's pose and expression).

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Little Update: THAT is what I call CREEPY. :iconsvetoslavpetrov:did some epic revisions of DII portraits, pretty much best Disciples 2 fanart you can find on DA.
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