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Favourite Visual Artist
Salvador Dalí, Nona (illustrator of SNK) and all those artists whose art I faved
Favourite Movies
McTiernan's and Verhoeven's movies of 80-90th, horrors by James Wan
Favourite Bands / Musical Artists
Beastie boys, Gorillaz, Molotov, Daisuke Ishiwatari, Butyrka
Favourite Writers
Terry Pratchett, Stephen King, Philip K. Dick
Favourite Games
Heroes of Might and Magic series, MDK 2, bunch of fighting games
Favourite Gaming Platform
PC full of emulators
Tools of the Trade
Clip Studio, Photoshop, 3ds Max, Zbrush
Another Killing Floor event idea, this time built around that scraped out «Martial Artist» perk. Not really sure if Tripwire still have any plans for reinventing this idea, so made my own take on this concept, and, to be short, the point is to introduce new perk within arcade beat’em up-themed season event, including perk itself, his complete arsenal, full-scale enemies redesign and new multi-arena map, where you do your typical KF survival\objectives routine with a little difference being thematic boss fights after every single wave, with a secret OC final boss in the end. As usual, the concept itself is just an excuse to make bunch of characters’ redesigns, so if you think that, gameplaywise, idea completely doesn’t work, that’s because chances are it’s really not. The Brawler The Gang The Boss
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"Miyo! Kyodaina maho no hiro" ("Behold! Mighty Magic Heroes") is a "Heroes of Might and Magic" series spin-off game for Nintendo Switch that doesn't exist. I mean, let's be honest - after the VII, it doesn't seems like we're getting official HoMM sequel any time soon, yet there are some options Ubisoft could try to keep series alive - like making a spin-off games that doesn't take itself too seriously, yet keeping all of the HoMM core mechanics. Chosen platform might seem odd, but reasons are: I really wanted to work with HoMMII x Link’s Awakening visual style and it’s obviously suits Switch the most; Last time Nintendo fans had HoMM game, it looked (and sounded) like this and they deserve better. So, here is a couple of renders for visual representation of my idea: Adventure Map Dialog Cutscene Misc: Sandro Portrait Render\Singles\Concept Crag Hack Portrait Render\Singles\Concept Additional Characters Singles\Sorceress Concept Additional Map objects\Props
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  "The year is 2018.   In the endless struggle for ratings, television channels trying to outperform their competitors by inventing more and more extreme types of entertainment.   One of the most popular TV programs is the Moneysseum, created by British holding Horzine Media, this is violent game show where participants put their lives at stake, fighting to the death against hordes of cloned gladiators in the hope of receiving great cash prizes.   With full technical control over the environment of the game arenas and the mind of artificial gladiators, the producer and host of the show Kevin Clamely can pursue the most incredible and cr
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Hello I was wondering if you could do a request? If not I understand sorry to bother you~

Greetings! Never been able to handle neither commissions nor requests because of projects of my own. Though, to be fair, currently ain't making much of personal stuff either.

Thanks very much for the favuorite, much appreciated there! :D
Heya, am hoping to get artists together for a Street Fighter art jam /collaboration about the whole series from their roots up to SFV to tribute the 30th Anniversary of the series next year.

Thought you might be interested sooner or later, here is the journal about it

Greets and a happy pre-christmas time :-)

I will probably join in when it will come to SFA3 or Third Strike though I'm not quite sure transparent background idea would work - on practice, different-style pictures collaged together usually look like a mess.
By the way, is it me or there wasn't any art projects dedicated to Castlevania 30th anniversary this year?
Your Sir Doomguy art is the first fan art feature on GA-HQ in 2017!…

btw that 30th Anniversary Tribute will be announced and start tomorrow, Castlevania will be a part of it