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the true hunger games happen at my school, mainly when we have to stay till like 16:00 16:30.
bringing food from home is totally prohibited by the students themselves, who brings being acussed of... a pussy for not participing in the hunger games.
the buffet is packed full of ppl whoever gets there first is the lucky one, the only two ladies that work there isnt enough staff  for the whole school. 
so the only way to get something to eat is bringing your own money, or as how I do 90% of the time ask (harass) my friends to share me some of their food.

last week, our history teacher went to a school trip with the third graders and he decided to bring us a box of chocolates he bought, inside the box there were 4 little packages with the chocolates inside, and since we have four lines of desks on the classroom you shared one package with the rest of the students from your line of desks. this friend I have who seats near the window is a skinny white dude with glasses but who eats a shit ton of food, he is the destroyers of worlds, he is always asking us for more food.

when the package of chocolate was deliberatly handed to him, he opened it as the rest of the students looked, and he just devoured the whole thing that he was suppose to share, another classmate quickly aproched him to get his share before he ate the whole package, and my friend looked at him in the eyes while he was eating all the crumbs that were left from the delicious chocolate. savage