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Recently it was brought to my attention that a publishing company in Greece has used a photomanipulation including Reaching on the cover of one of their books. I was not notified of this use, I never gave my permission, and my image was not credited. I won't go into further specifics than that- I'm floundering a little on how to take legal action, but if you're interested in helping, feel free to send a note to my main account, Nova-FoV.

I'm quite liberal with my images. I have never asked to be compensated, and for the most part, I don't care what people use them for. Now, by all means, I DO want to be credited and I would like to see what my pictures are being used for, especially the ones of my face- let me tell you, it's been weird the past year or so as I've started to see myself in pictures across DA and the internet that I never even knew existed. Weird, but it's really neat, too. I enjoy providing stock.

However, Reaching is a special case. It is a very personal picture for me, one that I hold close to my heart. I'm delighted by the fact that so many people around the world have found the same joy in this picture that I have, and it's great being able to see so many varied interpretations of the same picture. However, I know that in the future there will be circumstances similar to this one with the publishing company in Greece. There WILL be infringement, and I'm just counting the minutes to the time that I find out someone else has stolen the picture and is selling it as their own work for profit.

So, in light of its massive popularity and the prolific way in which it has spread across the web, I have filed a U.S. Copyright on Reaching.

This shouldn't scare anyone too much. If you use my picture appropriately- credit me when possible and obtain permission (which I almost ALWAYS give) for commercial use- you have nothing to worry about. I'm not going to come after you with a hatche because of a copyright violation if you pay attention to these simple rules. Like I said, I enjoy seeing the many uses my pictures are put to. However, I will not tolerate anyone taking credit for my intellectual property. If you use Reaching commercially without permission and without credit, I will take legal action.

Savvy? Good.

Now, moving onto other news, as if this journal isn't already long enough. I'm heading off to college soon. That means lots of good things for me- I'll be pursuing a degree as an art major, probably in the field of illustration or graphic design. That will be happening at the end of August. That means as far as I know, I won't be taking many pictures for a few years, and my studio is going bye-bye (*snif*). Consider yourself warned. But once again, don't worry. I have no intention of taking down my stock account. :)

And finally, I've got some new stock for you guys. I realize that this past year I haven't been terribly involved with the stock or photomanipulation communities. This is because I've been consumed by my AP Art class, where I've been forced to use personal references for everything, and my concentration has been in the field of digital painting rather than digital editing. But I started to miss photography a couple weeks ago and I had some free time, so I set up the studio and did some shooting. I hope that you enjoy.

I'll also be submitting some hard lit poses against a black backdrop. With the navy blue yoga pants and sequin trimmed tank-top, it's not exactly the ideal costume for photomanipulations. But these are personal references I took for painting purposes, since I've been wanting to really drive my ability to draw anatomically correct, as well as my understanding of the complex interaction of shadows and highlights on the skin. If you can use them, be my guest. They're probably the scariest pictures of myself I've ever submitted as stock. :P

And that's all!

:heart: Nova

1. Don't worry about telling me before you're going use my stock. Just send me a link when it's finished. Images off site and prints are permissable, but you must tell me if that's your intention.

2. Requests are welcome. I DO NOT DO NUDE OR UNDERWEAR SHOTS! End of discussion.

3. Please give credit and a link to my page in your description for your piece. Also, send me a link to the finished deviation.

4. MAKE AN EFFORT! If you just crop and filter, it's almost as if you're stealing.

5. I may be adding little "behind the scenes" pictures to my scraps. Please don't use them. That's not why they're there. They're just part of the fun, y'know?

6. Print permission is available. Please tell me images that you'd like to submit as prints and I can send in permission to the print mods for you.

7. With the new submission system including auto-resizing, you must click Download at the left side of the picture to download the full size.
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Kagrabular's avatar
Greece is a part of the Berne Convention, and so is the U.S. so you have the same copyright protection here as you do there.
Either way, it's illegal to require formal registration to be covered by the convention rules and regulations. So as soon as you created the image it was protected under international law, no registration required. So maybe contact the Copyright offices here to find out what to do? Or the publishing company most likely. I'd maybe start there.
Retoucher07030's avatar
Jeez, read my journal. Something similar just happened to me! I can fill you in on how to handle it if you'd like.
kitten-Red's avatar
omg! that's awful... i always ask permission and send copies where able to do so.. just manners. is it just the regular image or somebody's version of it?
Valentine-FOV-Stock's avatar
It's someone's version of it. Nevertheless, it includes the original image and is a violation. :/
kitten-Red's avatar
true. i was just curious about it. might be worth getting hold of that somebody(the person who did a manip. of it) to file a second claim, help strengthen the case.
Valentine-FOV-Stock's avatar
I'm sure it was someone working for the company. The problem is, I have no idea who it is.
kitten-Red's avatar
the whole thing just sucks as it's enough to put anyone off being willing to share their work with others for free. (i count stock as work because it still took time=work to produce the stock image).. just have to persevere with the case. maybe the book's details might give an 'artist' name for the cover artwork. usually printed inside the cover/back of title page. If it's for sale on a site like Amazon, then somebody who's posted a review of it might be able to give you that information, or even Amazon themselves. worth taking a look/asking if you want to narrow it down on who's responsible.
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