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I've been toying with the idea of a contest recently. But I have no money for prizes, and few ideas for a theme. Unlike the usual contests held by stockers in the DA community, I don't think it would be so much a 'use my stock!' contest as an all-around art contest with a central theme. You know, the sort of thing that lets a person flex their creative wings. Maybe a quote, or a color, or an idea... Maybe a reinterpretation of the concept in Reaching.

Thoughts? Suggestions? Offers to help with prizes or advertise?

Also, I've made some prints available on my main account, including Reaching. I would much appreciate if folks would give them some love. nova-fov.deviantart.com/store/

:heart: Nova

1. Don't worry about telling me before you're going use my stock. Just send me a link when it's finished. Images off site and prints are permissable, but you must tell me if that's your intention.

2. Requests are welcome. I DO NOT DO NUDE OR UNDERWEAR SHOTS! End of discussion.

3. Please give credit and a link to my page in your description for your piece. Also, send me a link to the finished deviation.

4. MAKE AN EFFORT! If you just crop and filter, it's almost as if you're stealing.

5. I may be adding little "behind the scenes" pictures to my scraps. Please don't use them. That's not why they're there. They're just part of the fun, y'know?

6. Print permission is available. Please tell me images that you'd like to submit as prints and I can send in permission to the print mods for you.

7. With the new submission system including auto-resizing, you must click Download at the left side of the picture to download the full size.
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if you speak to =TimberClipse he likes to run features/news articles on the contests of others so he would help promote it on a larger scale than I could. my watchers are not good at actually keeping an eye on my things. :(

At the moment I can only offer journal features for the winner/runner-up/honourable mention as I have no points to give away or money to buy subs with.
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I would definitely be interested in joining the contest, or offering a prize.

This prize would likely be a drawing, because I'll not be able to do too much for advertisement or subs, lacking in web popularity and funds.
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I will happily promote your contest should you host one, and I can give prize features and art to the winners. Should my financial situation improve, I can provide a sub or two too.