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Enjoy !.

Mask off by ivelin mask by Membruto Behind The Mask III by Eclipse-Of-Faith
Skinstrip mask by Puzzels mask by ckythomyorke:thumb41400121:
Mask by aquarene mask by bathroom-psycho:thumb5829152:
The Watchmen Rorschach by gallegosart-com MasK.... by YuriBonder Rorschach half mask by sullen-skrewt
The Woman With the Iron Mask by MeisterDesZirkuss:thumb129805594::thumb72807015:
Death Mask by AndrewDobell Mask by Lanfirka The mask of a madman by furball891
Excarnate mask by MrSoles Mask by Tyrus88 Pachydermos Gas Mask by TomBanwell
mask again . . . by mehmeturgut The Black Mask by bgates87

Hi all

Lately i got tones of questions and I am hoping that once i answer them all here, people will see them. I am getting tones of questions as notes and it is just too much. I have over 100 messages only in the last 2 weeks. SO, here are the frequently asked questions and my answers:

1. Can you use my photos for roleplaying characters ?

Yes alright, you can. Just DO NOT remove my name from them and do NOT use them in roleplaying that have a porn story. Just innocent roleplaying, ok ?

2. What camera do I use ?

Olympus E-500, 8megapixel
The objective is an Olympus, Zuiko digital, 14-45mm, 1:3,5 - 5,6
Tripod, remote, autofocus.

3. Can you make drawings after my photos and post them in your gallery ?

Yes, I am honored when people want to draw my portraits and yes, you can post them in your gallery.

4. Do i have any photoshop tutorials made ?

Nope, believe it or not, my photoshop skills are VERY limited. I only use the folowing tools: Burn for shadows, dodge for lights, color variation, selective color and sometimes brushes.

5. What kind of lights I use for my photos ?

The light that comes from the window and I just change the position for different shadows.

6. Can you use my pics for layouts ?

Yes as long it is not commercial use. For commercial use contact me at : vali@kallias.com

7. Am I inspired by Giger ?

NO. I was making this kind of art before I knew who he is. Actually i was a bit shocked to see people compare me to him. He is an awesome artist yes, but he is very shocking for my taste.  I am inspired by Star Trek Borgz and Tool's music videos.

8. Why don't I make some photos where I smile ?

Well, I like dark art, goth art and horror. I also work from time to time as model for book covers. The style I am making, it is the style they are looking for. So, I might say that I am making a dark commercial photography style because it is what it sells. Smiling is beautiful, but it doesn't matches my ideas. I will however try:)

9. Am I really 33 ?

I get this very often. Actually I will be soon 34. I never lie about my age. Thank you for the compliments telling me I look younger. It is good genes, it runs in the family. Plus, I avoid the sun and I do not smoke...and I have a roundish face, so i guess it helps.  You should see my 49 year old uncle who looks 35. However, no matter how young we look for our age, aging will get us all sooner or later:) Youth fades for each and everyone of us.

10. Where did I get the remote for my camera?


11. What music inspires me in art ?

I do not listen music when I make art. Strange, but true. I need to listen to my thoughts only when I create.

12. Why don't I allow comments ?

Because sometimes I get even 4000 faves to an image and that would mean also a lot of comments. Unfortunately I do not have time to read them all or to answer them. I wish i could, but I can't. Thank you for your your faves tho:)

That's it for now...I will update with more questions and answers soon.

Thank you :iconjejem: so much for the subscription:)


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You do the most amazing features!
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Amazing feature on the masks! I love the skeleton one in the armored mask! [link]

Didn't see my question in there, guess I'll wait for the next QA, :D Love the work!
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love the armored mask too ! And what question are you talking about ?
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What you use for your digital art?
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Olympus camera for the digital pic. For the 3d :Zbrush, Poser, Vue, Bryce and adobe.
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OMG! I love Zbrush! I just looked at this program and it does things I have been trying to do with different programs and have never been able to.
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Wow beautiful work!!!
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Thank you so much for including my work amongst such wonderful pieces. I'm truly honored.

I am fascinated by masks. I suppose it stems from a curiosity to see what lies behind them.
LOURDES-LAVEAUHobbyist Digital Artist
Beautiful feature! I was reading some of the notes above. If people are asking for smiling , you could produce a wicked grin :devilish:
I didnt know we were the same age. :D

Love Lourdes
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PuzzelsProfessional General Artist
Ooh, nice. Thanks for the feature =)
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The-Flying-Fairy Interface Designer
woah. I'm sure you hear this alot, especially since you included it in the Q&A session, but you don't look 33 at all! I thought you were 10 years younger than that, at least. My husband's the same way. He turned 33 in June and nobody believes him. It's rather hilarious. I hope I look like you when I'm 33!
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BuckletBerriHobbyist Traditional Artist
Where do you get your masks?
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what do you mean ? what masks ?
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BuckletBerriHobbyist Traditional Artist
Oh, sorry haha...I was like having a moment of slowness. I forgot what I meant to ask you....yeah, sorry for the spamm? |D
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FredendilHobbyist Interface Designer
thanx for the q&a, good to know all this =)
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gallegosart-comProfessional Traditional Artist
thanks for the feature!
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:wave: Hey Val!!!! :)
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SithspitHobbyist Photographer
You'd probably get far fewer notes if you allowed comments on your photos!
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it would be the same...the questions would be addressed in the comments.
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SithspitHobbyist Photographer
I understand.
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Cola it's not very good, Valentina! :evillaugh:
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SpiritofdarknessHobbyist Digital Artist
:D I want more Giger . . aah I mean Borgz stuff from you :) - pleaase
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Wow, very nice!
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