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FOR FUN- Kitty is broken

This happen today !!! I do not consider this art, it is just a funny happening.

It will be moved in scraps after enough of my watchers see it.

so today when i was cleaning the living room, I leave my cat on the balcony, because she hates the sound of the vacuum.

She goes on the balcony table and just sits there looking at the people passing on the street. At one point a little bird lands right in front of her ! And my cat gives her a look like "whatever". The bird stays there for more than 5 minutes ! And all this time my cat is looking at her, looking on sides, looking on the street, completely not bothered by the "delicious lunch" in front of her..ha ha.
So after few minutes, the little bird leaves a MASSIVE TURD in front of her and just leaves !

Now that is one awesome courageous bird and one broken cat..he he he
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