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My Bio
There's a lot to be said about me.
I'm a creative, imaginative person who isn't afraid of other peoples criticism. I sometimes love when people insult me, it just gives me a reason to shove their self-centered idiocy in their face with their failed idea of what beauty is and what kind of person I should be to fit in society.
-I'm a model and a writer.-
-My ideas are endless as is my creativity. I write anything from Short Stories about life to Hardcore Erotica. I am not ashamed about what I write, and do not care if you are disgusted by it. If you don't like it, don't fucking read it.
-My modeling varies as well, from Amateur Photography to Professional Advertisement. While I was in Las Vegas I did a number of shoots, some for Leg/Stocking Fetish sites and some for local Goth/Industrial clubs. Once again, I have no shame for what I did, I'm happy with my body and proud of the accomplishments I made with my modeling. If you don't like my pictures, don't fucking look at them.
-I'm a gamer and an artist/designer.-
-Being a gamer, I would rather be at home saving the stupid bimbo princess from a bad guy, and face raping monsters with combat knives over listening to the constant whine of today's "troubled teen" any day. My game play varies from the original Zelda and Mario Bros. to Dragon Age and Silent Hill (All).
-As an artist, I see or think of something and all I want to do is make it come alive. I want people to see the world through different eyes and not just their own. My art is anywhere from Doodles and Tattoo Designs, to Making my own Clothes or Buying others and making them my own by giving them a Splash of Originality.

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Favourite Visual Artist
DA's own Dalish Took
Favourite Games
Legend of Zelda OoT
Favourite Gaming Platform
Tools of the Trade
I'm a Jack of all Trades really.
Other Interests
Video Games and Writing.
Son of a bitch, ~DalishTook ( is putting me through this again. Oh well,lets have some fun shall we? 1. if practicality/job security/anxiety over it wasn't an issue, what tattoos would you get? I would get "Live Long and Prosper" as a tramp stamp. Or the Majora's Mask as a tramp stamp. ...I just really want a tramp stamp without being judged. 2. SHOT THROUGH THE HEART, AND YOU'RE TO BLAME? YOU GIVE LOOOVE, A BAD NAME! ...You really do though. *ahem*Elena*hack* 3. what trope would you use to describe yourself? Considering I had to look up what trope meant,and I doubt I have it right, I'm gonna go with Dumb as a Brick. And if I got i
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Tagged by ~Aurosai ( Instructions: Answer the questions provided for you, make 10 of your own and then tag 10 people 1. List the last 3 shows/movies you watched? Lets see. Supernatural. (Of course.) Jericho. (The man who plays Gabriel,Richard Speight Jr,is also in it and plays a deputy and is just perfect okay?) And lastly,The Walking Dead. (Daryl Dixon. That is all.) 2. Which one of your OCs is your favorite? Oh gosh,umm...I love all my OCs like crazy,but I would have to say...Well if we're going with current moods,I would have to say Mary Q. Contrary (Supernatural), Melany Ann Parker aka Candy (The Walking Dead), and Rebecca Grayson
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Alrighty folks,I doubt this will get much but here it goes. I've decided to start doing art trades. Now,I'm not that skilled with a pencil or tablet, but I'm a pretty decent with the written word. So,I've decided to do stories in exchange for art if anyone is interested. For example. ~DalishTook ( and I are doing one. She is drawing my Supernatural OC with Gabriel,and I am writing a scenario between her Supernatural OC and Castiel. All you need to do is send me a little bit of info in a message. Character name and personality, scenario idea,where you want the story to go/lead to,basic stuff. Now if you want an original story or somethin
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Happy birthday!
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Happy birthday!