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The Devil

I am not deeeeeeeeead yet :la: Sorry cuz I'm not around much, but I've been too busy *dies* D: ANYWAY... here's ANOTHER painting with Ash (I swear that I don't paint him all the time LOL). And I drew this last year for my stickers :D I also drew my OC Leia that goes next to his sticker... and hopefully I'll be able to post her a bit later. And well... I'm obsessed with flowers obviously... but you can try taking his jacket cuz I bet it smells nice, cuz of all those flowers :la:


:bulletorange: Adobe Photoshop CC
:bulletorange: tablet Wacom Cintiq 27QHD
:bulletorange: Original size is 3198 x 5094px
:bulletorange: I had 102 layers
:bulletorange: I drew it about 14 hours
:bulletorange: On Tumblr you can see it here
:bulletorange: Textures by Yuri Shwedoff and Depositphotos

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I hope you like it and comments are welcome. 

Drawing by Valentina Remenar | The Devil © Copyrighted | All Rights Reserved | Character Ash by © Valentina Remenar | 2017 | Check my work on sites below also:
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They say the devil hath power to assume pleasing shapes

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a very 80s vibe devil :)
bxni-holic's avatar
At first glance I legit thought this was Joseph Joestar lmao 
Sasha-Drug's avatar
LOVE love loviiiing =)
takaratokki's avatar

Reminds me of a young Joaquin! ♥

jincon's avatar

This reminds me of the character Goomoonryong from the Korean manhwa "The Breaker"

ClaytoneCarpe's avatar
J'adore ! ♥ ♥ ♥
AdvanceRun's avatar
teach me how !
ShylyMedia's avatar
holy crud this detail is amazing!!!nicely done!!
Love Love Love 
DivviviaOlexiusG's avatar
I love his sunglasses! The way you colored his hair look so good! I love the gradation of colors and flecks of lighter colors! Beautiful! All of the texturing and brush strokes look so gorgeous!
KB-concepts's avatar
I like these sticker designs (both this one and the one you did for Leia ) I love the colours and how bright they are ;w;
KB-concepts's avatar
BornFreak's avatar
I love these colours, great aestethic!
KakashiMorph's avatar
The devil is in the details (that you have in spades). ;)
PralineDheula's avatar
It reminds me of Johnny Depp!
EvelineDaw's avatar
Your work always looks so incredibly sharp! :happybounce:
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