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Character  Shadow
“I’ll tell you a little secret my friend, so hush now” - Shadow

I told myself that this year I’ll try to draw other characters from Ash’s story since I almost never draw them… so after years of neglecting them you’ll finally be able to see them XD Anyway, meet Shadow… a very sparkly boyo who just keeps dark clothes in his wardrobe HAHA. He’s also one of main characters XD


:bulletblue: Adobe Photoshop CC
:bulletblue: tablet Wacom Cintiq 27QHD
:bulletblue: Original size is 4854 x 5500px
:bulletblue: On Tumblr you can see it here

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I hope you like it and comments are welcome. 

Drawing by Valentina Remenar | Shadow © Copyrighted | All Rights Reserved | Character Shadow by © Valentina Remenar | 2020 | Check my work on sites below also:
Commercial use and distribution of this work is strictly prohibited. Uploading, editing, rendering, manipulating my work, erasing my logotype and signature, making prints etc. is also strictly prohibited. Offenders will be reported.

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Beautiful work with this character

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I love him, I love him very much!!!! Lolololol :love:
Kaedegirl's avatar
he's so handsome! 
It is so cool and I love the cane <3
GlassGuise's avatar
KnightofNoitcif53's avatar
Wow, love the character design! Nicely done
Shuukaku92's avatar
Love the colour palette! I see you worked in Photoshop for this one, would you mind sharing what brushes you used?
DaJiF's avatar
Marvelous!!!!! :love: :love:
kaze26's avatar
StarsDEN's avatar
I'm just so amazed by your coloring, it leaves me speechless... it's art goals!
smogteeth's avatar

He is trying to hush my inner screaming fangirl, and she has suddenly become subservient, WELL DONE.

Good LORD its not even that this character is what I find attractive in people, it's just the poise, the pose, the snappy attire, and the CANE....!!!!

Everything about this is just DRIPPING with handsome, and all he's doing is putting a finger to his lips!!!

Thank you for this.

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whoaaa! nice design 
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
He is a showy one for sure.
WalkiePocky's avatar
RopeObsession's avatar
He looks like a good Dom ☺
DivinitasX's avatar
Honestly though... he can hush me anytime. :|
Lollipopyou's avatar
Wow, what a handsome man!
I love his expression! :blowkiss: revamp 
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