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Photoshop tutorial- PS basics for newbies

This is journal tutorial where I described some Photoshop basics for all newbies who try to learn to use Photoshop (and people who are not newbies). So in this article you'll find tutorials: How to make layers, How to change color to a layer, How to make groups/folders, How to change background color, How to rotate canvas and all basics in tool menu on the right side..

This tutorial you can read HERE. It's journal tutorial.

I hope you'll be able to learn something new...enjoy :heart: Other parts you can find below.
Photoshop tutorial- PS basics for newbies 2 by tincek-marincekPhotoshop tutorial- PS basics 3 by tincek-marincek

+Other tutorials+
:bulletpink: Painting anime hair...tutorial
:bulletpink: Painting anime eyes... video tutorial
:bulletpink: How to paint digital 2
:bulletpink: How to paint digital
:bulletpink: How to make next and previous button
:bulletpink: Photoshop tutorial- PS basics for newbies (journal tutorial)
Photoshop tutorial- PS basics for newbies 2 (journal tutorial)

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lowfrancepahayac's avatar
i want to be photoshop tutorial
Thank you very much!!! :happybounce: 
LordTheDarkness's avatar
Just what I need :) Thanks man
reemuae25's avatar
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
John-Peter's avatar
Wow... Thank you so much!! :bow: :)
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
faliha's avatar
Pwease make one on PaintTool  SAI Excite  this is epic!
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
Thanks...:squee: Aaaa...I don't use Paint Tool SAI that much...I used it before, but not any more ^^; (I kinda don't know how to use it properly, cuz it's much different than Photoshop :giggle:). But I use Manga Studio which is similar to Paint tool SAI (painting functions) and a little like Photoshop (shortcuts...and other kind of stuff :D).
myhazeldream's avatar
thank you so much for these tutorials really you are like the teacher i never had xD say wouldn't you mind like doing tutorials in corel or SAI? if i buy photoshop i get poor xD
Valentina-Remenar's avatar's my pleasure :iconblushplz: I rarely use Corel and SAI...Corel mostly when I want that something looks like traditional art. I use Manga Studio more. It's like SAI :D But I started to use it recently, so I still need to know program better ^^; Though most functions are similar as in Photoshop. 
myhazeldream's avatar
You're welcome! >.< wich version of manga studio do you use? so i can buy one too
myhazeldream's avatar
Okay Thank you! <3
Deviljunter's avatar
Thanks for the tutorial!!!!
Just to know, did you try other software like gimp for example?
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
You're welcome :iconteamoplz: Lately I also paint in Manga Studio... but I also tried Paint Tool SAI and Corel Painter :D
Deviljunter's avatar
Which one did you prefer? Because... Photoshop cost a lot =p
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
Photoshop I use the most...but Manga Studio is also aweeeeeeeeesome :la:
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