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Painting anime hair...image file

And this is JPG DOWNLOAD VERSION. Click DOWNLOAD button on the right. It's JPG file if you can't open .swf file. :D

It's tutorial for Painting anime hair in my style. I explained how I do my linearts (though I never use them ;P) and how I paint hair for my characters. Tutorial have 11 pages (from beginning till the end). I used Adobe Photoshop CS6 for painting drawing in background (but that doesn't mean that you can't achieve same results in older versions). I hope this tutorial will be helpful. :aww: Happy learning :la: :heart: (if you can't see text well, then you can click download button on the right. Text is in vectors, so you'll be able to see it bigger). Tools which I used to make this tutorial... pages were designed in Photoshop, and everything else was programmed in Flash. I had 1618 frames in Flash, 500 layers and 22 folders. And I made this in 4 days. :faint:

+How to use tutorial+

You probably already saw little buttons at the bottom of this tutorial. Simply just click on them with your mouse or cursor. Turn to the next page by clicking on the Right button and for the previous page click the Left button on your keyboard.
(swf download-middle, finished image from this tutorial-right)

+Other tutorials+
(few featured tutorials)
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Designed and programmed (Adobe Flash CS6 and Adobe Photoshop CS6) by Valentina Remenar. All drawings in this tutorial belongs to her. Tutorial is © Copyrighted and may not be published anywhere without artist's permission. It can be used for learning | All Rights Reserved | 2013 | our official website | Especially thanks to ~Legionella for editing the text

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very helpful..
Thank you very much for making this one :)
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Aww...I'm glad it's helpful. And it's my pleasure +Taemin x Jonghyun - Hug (Emoticon) 
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Your tutorial is great! I started to draw with photoshop a few days ago (in combination with a wacom one) and have a question for you. How do you draw those smooth curves? Do you use the pen path tool like it is described in the most explanations? Because when I try to use this to create smooth lines they are mostly a bit edged. Can you maybe tell me where I can get the basics for Photoshop if the explanation for my problem is to complicated? You can easily see my problem here in my first attempt: puu. sh/dMtnc/ba61331137.jpg
Even with the path tool it is a pain to create the hair. It is such a time eating process D:
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
Thank you :la: And I draw lines by the painting part. I almost never use Pen tool and such. Mostly for drawing straight lines, or perfect curves...for architecture and such. Though I have few tutorials for Photoshop beginners in my folder here (where it says Photoshop basics tutorial) :D
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awesome! Thank you so much :DDD
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
Thanks...and weeeeeeeeeeelcome :huggle:
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This is an amazing tutorial I feel as though i can understand the concepts your teaching here a fave and a watch for you 
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
Aww...thank you very much :iconawwwplz:
XxTheAngelOfDeathxX's avatar
Though is there a way to do this without lineart XD because at the moment Im into no line paintings and im able to do it front view or 3'4ths view but side view :iconashleynoplz: Not so much
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
If you'll paint it realistically, then there won't be any lines ;) This I did tutorial for semi-realism and anime. I actually don't draw black lines (I never did that :giggle:) at the beginning. You can paint the line with similar color as the hair (on the part where you draw the line), so that it'll be barely visible :D And sorry for so late reply...I'm not that much online lately ^^;
XxTheAngelOfDeathxX's avatar
Wow that makes a LOT of sense and I don't mind at least you replied XD The worlds a busy place after all :iconlazeplz:
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
Hahaha...yea, I totally agree with that :giggle: :D
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Thnx alot. It's really a unique way for a tutorial.
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really nice tutorial!
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Nice ... what's the pattern you used for the background [grey triangles i love it ] of this wonderfull tutorial ?
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
Thanks...I made the pattern :la:
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can you share it? open source it ? 
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Thanks a lot.
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
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