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+Painting anime eyes... video tutorial+

And I finally submitted my video tutorial :la: Thanks a lot to dA staff for accepting my request for film submissions :heart: Anyway, this is video tutorial for painting anime eyes (it's my anime's not moe style, lol ;P). Here you'll be able to see my whole progress how I paint eyes (and skin)... I also explained which tools I used, Opacity, layer modes...and such. At first I just draw/sketch the eye, then I show you how I color it (black and white technique) and at the end it comes coloring and finishing the painting :dummy: I hope you'll learn something new. And I also played music at the end of the tutorial. It's actually a little longer, but I put just the end of the song here (I needed few days to made up a song). :D

If you want to download the file, then simply click download button on the right side. I recorded video in full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 px). You can also download AVI (WinZip) file from our website here:below:
If you have troubles seeing this video, then you can try to click download button on the right side or you can see it on YouTube (link you can find below).

:bulletblue: See this video also on YouTube.

:bulletblue: Adobe Photoshop CS6 (painting)
:bulletblue: tablet Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Special Edition M
:bulletblue: original size is 1657 x 928 px
:bulletblue: I drew this 1 hour (too much :giggle:)

Finished drawing from this tutorial:
Painting anime eye...drawing by tincek-marincek

+Other tutorials+
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I hope you like it and comments are welcome...and I hope it's helpful :heart:

Drawing by Valentina Remenar | Tutorial is © Copyrighted and may not be published anywhere without artist's permission. It can be used for learning | All Rights Reserved | © Copyrighted | 2013 | official website | YouTube | Twitter | Google+ | Tumblr | Especially thanks to Legionella for editing the text
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Just wondering what's this website

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Hmm, may I ask a question? What's the best way of screen recording a tutorial for a drawing on Adobe Photoshop? I've always wondered.

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so nc i practice it and lets practice Love Giggle :happybounce: 
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Absolutely great tutorial video! God, I wish I just had a tiny bit of your skills :D Keep up the great work and thanks for helping us other artists! Sparkling Thank You So Much 
Hoooooooly... 0-0
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So many layers o_o
So, I cant use PaintTool Sai for making art, any other free software I can use?
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FireAlpaca works a charm. :)
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You can use any software you want for creating artwork :D ... I use Photoshop CC at the moment and that's why I usually make tutorials for that program. I used SAI only once so I wouldn't be good in giving advices for that program X'D
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There's a crack version of Sai, it pretty much works the same as the original one. There's no virus or anything bad that comes along with it from experience.…
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Krita is a great tool if you don't have the money to get any official programs ^^
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One question please how do you submit a video??
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If you want to post videos on dA then you have to be a member of DeviantART's film community. More about that topic and how to apply you can read here :D
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Just want to say that, now, you are the brand new Goddess I worship *-* Hahahah! 
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ive seen this on youtube. i cant believe its you!
yey! bunneh icon1 
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Finally someone made easy tutorial, + REP! Now need a Nose tutorial!
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