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Mermaid's Wisps

First mermaid painting...yay :dummy: This is actually really old painting. I started to paint it in August 2012, and yesterday I finally finished it. I guess it's time to submit it ;P Maybe you can see some differences in styles, cuz since then I changed it a lot. And I think that here I painted the sea for first time...I have some drawings with water inside, but not like this. I simply wanted to design a mermaid character and now I did it. I painted whole piece with colors (not B&W :la:) and I used many brushes that it would look like this. I tried to paint this piece as much fantasy as I can...and I tried to paint jellyfishes as light which shows her path to the next mission... :D

Something about her: Her name is Alexis and she's a warrior (assassin) mermaid. She has been trained to fight and to kill others, but she's not that much "mean". She have a magic sword and tattoo on her shoulder... when she starts a new mission then she calls her "wisps" which lead her to her goal. She lives in water and on the ground. When she calls wisps then her sword starts glowing with red light and wisps raise in front of her, showing her path.

:bulletred: Adobe Photoshop CS6
:bulletred: Corel Painter 12
:bulletred: tablet Wacom Bamboo Pen & Touch Special Edition M
:bulletred: original size is 7020 x 4302 px
:bulletred: I had 208 layers
:bulletred: I drew it 20 hours

:bulletred: Details from this drawing you can see here :dummy:
Wallpaper Pack by tincek-marincek <--also in HD wallpaper pack +CALENDAR 2014+ by tincek-marincek +CALENDAR 2014 you can order and see preview in the shop here (you can see previews on the left thumb also). This image you can find inside the calendar.
I hope you like it and comments are welcome :heart:

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love the primal feel. beautifully done

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Very intriguing concept indeed.
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So I'm looking at this mermaid and a question popped up in my head. How do I, a human, engage in sexual intercourse with a mermaid? Do they like lay eggs like most fishes or do they give live birth like some sharks...
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woaw...just incredibly wonderfull!
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Wow, I love the whole concept of the water and the trees. The light in the background gives it a slightly ominous and at the same time enchanting atmosphere. I also love the way you've done the splashing and the rippling of the water against the trees too. And of course the jelly fish. It's absolutely beautiful, I love it.
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Thank you veeeeeery much :iconbrohugplz:
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Seriously though, this is beautiful.
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Holy fuck! A mermaid/siren/female figure that isn't nude! I love you!
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LOOOL :XD: Thanks a lot :tighthug: Haha...I'm not much into nudes ^^;
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No words for this, so beautiful....only quiet and look ♥
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Thank you so much EXO : Kyungsoo Fangirling 
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You're very welcome ;3
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Wow Beautiful !!!
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