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I Won't Give In

Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you my OC Ash - male edition *points at the small lawn on his face* :la: Lol I swear, if I start doodling something after midnight it's just gonna get out of control a few hours later. I do blame my anatomy figurine though... makes me wanna draw shirtless men. You understand, right? <_< I just wanted to beat him up and draw some blood, but, but... you see end result lol :lmao: I did beard as a joke but then everyone convinced me to leave it, so okay. For once he can look more manly and not like a baby *smacks his smooth cheek*. Second part you can see below :la:


:bulletblack: Adobe Photoshop CC
:bulletblack: tablet Wacom Cintiq 27QHD
:bulletblack: Original size is 4153 x 5500px
:bulletblack: I had 46 layers
:bulletblack: On Tumblr you can see it here.
:bulletblack: Textures by Yuri Shwedoff

Your Guardian by Valentina-Remenar Red Nights by Valentina-Remenar Ash Design by Valentina-Remenar

I hope you like it and comments are welcome. 

Drawing by Valentina Remenar | I Won't Give In © Copyrighted | All Rights Reserved | Character Ash by © Valentina Remenar | 2017 | Check my work on sites below also:
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I love Ash, he's so handsome! What I do think about a lot is his hairstyle. You changed it quite a lot over the years and I like this one here the most. Would you consider drawing a small tutorial for the fans out there that wonder about this, too? I would really like to draw him myself one of these days. :love:

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wow~ I love so so much!!:heart:
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ahahahah he nc lmao but this work is a amazing i want to be like soon amazing artist Love Huggle! vanlintena 
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Aw, he cut his hair. Guess times really got to him. But hey, he's still handsome in my eyes.
Holy shit i absolutely love this
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wonderful artytyle!!!
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Do more of this please. I absolutely LOVE IT!
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
Haha I'll see about that... I constantly draw him anyway :la: Thank you :love:
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Oooh, me likey <3 
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Just awesome.... :Heart:
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
HAHAHA... Them eyebrows Eyebrow Raise Thanks XD
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The colouring is really awesome as is the entire drawing ;w; diggin' his manly man beard XD
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
LMAO thank you so much :iconbrohugplz:
KB-concepts's avatar
haha no problem!! ^^
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