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HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy - BACK

LOL I'm finally posting this thing. This was actually done 2 years ago and I've never found time to submit it *dies*. Two years ago I posted an anatomy tutorial for the front of the torso (you can check it below), so here you have a back version also. LOL and Ash is on it like usually XD I used Photoshop CC while I drew this...but if you have older PS versions like CS5, CS6 this should work fine too. In other programs some settings may be different. And special thanks to KafkaVey  who edited text in this tutorial :3 Well...I hope you'll learn something new and that this will be useful. Enjoy :la: Other tutorials by me you can check below:

HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy by Valentina-Remenar HOW TO: Male Hands Reference by Valentina-Remenar HOW TO: Face Expressions Reference by Valentina-Remenar


:bulletorange: HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy
:bulletorange: HOW TO: Face Expressions Reference
:bulletorange: HOW TO: Male Hands Reference
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:bulletorange: HOW TO PAINT DIGITAL
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:bulletorange: On Tumblr you can check this here
:bulletorange: Reference for the guy on the left you can find here

NOTE: Again...this is the tutorial on how I paint anatomy, in my style...I draw semi-realism/anime so the anatomy isn't 100% realistic. This ISN'T reference sheet for different body types (lol, like that's not obvious). I'll make this one later. Though inner body anatomy I draw the same for all body types.

Designed and drawn in Photoshop CC by Valentina Remenar. All drawings in this tutorial belongs to her | Character Ash © by Valentina Remenar | Tutorial is © Copyrighted and may not be published anywhere without artist's permission. It can be used for learning and referencing. Thanks to KafkaVey for editing the text | All Rights Reserved | 2014

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This is SO helpful! Not just in terms of the anatomy, but until now, I never found a good way to color grayscale images because the colors didn't come out natural and vibrant. Thanks for clarifying the brush settings and layer blending modes!!

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This makes me even more confused rofl
sexyNRomanceStuff369's avatar
i know this is just an educational piece, but this guy just looks so freakin HOT just looking from the back <3 <3
good job!
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I just wanted to say that your anatomy references are absolutely among the best. 

They are so freaking good that I even prefer to use those rathen than photographies even for 3D sculpting.

Keep it up with the good work!
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I had this open in school, (I was sitting in the front) and the teacher was standing at the wall. Suddenly, she asked loud:
"Mia, is that a naked man?"

I've never closed a tap this fast before...

But, thanks a lot!!!
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thanks so much for these tutorials :)
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I know this is a tutorial, and it's a damn good one, but why the hell do I have to so be attracted to fictional characters like Ash?!
sexyNRomanceStuff369's avatar
maybe because he looks hot just from the back XD lol
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To Be honest, thanks for all these tutorials, Really I Have to say your the best *Your a big inspiration for me since I'm DA*
SocQA's avatar
Many thanks for your anatomy tutorials, they'll help a lot :nod:
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Thank's for this work !!!
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
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men are hard to draw, so this is great
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Valentina: This is a fantastic tutorial that I'm going to look up again when I draw a back. I haven't drawn backs often so this is very helpful since you take the anatomy and simplify it in an easy-to-remember format.

Other commenters: I see a couple of you talking about "Can you do a female tutorial?" or similar things talking about male vs. female anatomy.

This isn't a good male back muscle tutorial. It's a great back muscle tutorial. Women have the same exact muscles as men, they're just proportioned differently. So look at this diagram, then find a real-life woman with a phsyique similar to what you're going for. Preferably someone that has a lot of pictures of themselves from multiple angles floating around.

Use that woman as a reference, use this diagram to see major muscle groups and where they go, and combine them. That's all you need to do. Women do not have different muscles than men.
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
I have to agree so much with you here X'D Thanks for mentioning it to others in the comments :hug: I find it so difficult to explain these to everyone since the amount of comments is just like *inbox explodes* Thanks a lot again :tighthug:
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XD Glad to help, haha. Thanks for making this tutorial!
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Thanks for sharing these 👌
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