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HOW TO: Male Hands Reference

Aaaaand today is our bday...sooo... I always post something on that day. :la: It's not a drawing this year, cuz my hard drive just died recently so I lost my all files ^^; I hope I'll be able to get the data out of it. Anyway...on the left side is my character Ash again which you were able to see in my previous anatomy tutorial (pic below) :XD: Oh well...recently I have been practicing drawing hands, so I decided to put these files together and make a reference sheet. I hope it'll be useful to some of you. :la: Like usually, this was done in Photoshop CC with Wacom Cintiq 27QHD (LOL...I didn't count hours this time). Enjooooooooy. :dummy: Well...I hope you'll learn something new and that this will be useful. Enjoy :la: Other tutorials by me you can check below:

HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy by Valentina-Remenar HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy - BACK by Valentina-Remenar HOW TO: Face Expressions Reference by Valentina-Remenar


:bulletblack: HOW TO: Male Torso Anatomy - BACK
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:bulletblack: On Tumblr you can see this here.

Designed and drawn in Photoshop CC by Valentina Remenar. Character Ash belongs to her. Tutorial is © Copyrighted and may not be published anywhere without artist's permission. It can be used for learning and referencing. | All Rights Reserved | 2015
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these "how to" are incredible! What a talent!!
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your version of male anatomy has a balanced,proportional,non-over detailed nor less-detailed, but has a look of what a male body (center) would look like. 
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Thanks a lot for this as well :D sometimes, hands can be a pain to draw (for me at least ^^; :D )
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that's t a l e n t
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yesyes thanks!!
RonaldinhoTEN's avatar
and how do you draw titties?
Keegs79's avatar
That is something best to be hands on with.
CJageek's avatar
aaaaaaaaaand WATCH!
This is so useful, thx!
Im really bad at drawing hands '':D
CodyGallo's avatar
Just what I needed!
CJackJambu489's avatar
Certainly i'm gonna watching you
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i love your tutorials!
thank you very much
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
AWW thank you so much and it's totally my pleasure :la:
Free Hand references. Excellent.
0EdgyFox0's avatar
I don't usually draw very detailed hands, but this will definitely come in handy in future cases!
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Welp, this is definitely helping me fake my way to mediocre talent!!! lol Thanks in all honesty
Valentina-Remenar's avatar
HAHA... you're welcome :la:
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Your tutorials are awesome :3
Gargoyles21's avatar
Thank you isn't enough, but thank you is what I mean most. So...thank you so much!
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