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Ash Lawrence

Character  Ash Lawrence
“I promised, said I would always protect you, be there for you”” - Ash Lawrence

I believe I never posted a proper pic of Ash when he’s using his powers, so here he is… featuring his long fabulous hair because why not XD This is from the same series as Shadow who I posted a bit earlier. I hope to create series like these with other characters as well, so stick around for more XD


:bulletred: Adobe Photoshop CC
:bulletgreen: tablet Wacom Cintiq 27QHD
:bulletred: Original size is 4309 x 5500px
:bulletgreen: SketchUp 
:bulletgreen: On Tumblr you can see it here

Similar series with other characters from the same story you can check below:
Shadow by Valentina-Remenar

I hope you like it and comments are welcome. 

Drawing by Valentina Remenar | Ash Lawrence © Copyrighted | All Rights Reserved | Character Ash Lawrence by © Valentina Remenar | 2020 | Check my work on sites below also:
Commercial use and distribution of this work is strictly prohibited. Uploading, editing, rendering, manipulating my work, erasing my logotype and signature, making prints etc. is also strictly prohibited. Offenders will be reported.

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© 2020 - 2021 Valentina-Remenar
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Looking very elegant and classy. Love the outfit design.
graydama's avatar
He's really incredible but I really love the colors of that chair too! Lolololol X'D
THV4's avatar

could you draw a realistic version of sans and papyrus

DivviviaOlexiusG's avatar
I love the coloration of this one so beautiful!

Oh, I was wondering did your book come out online and did I miss it? I've been keeping an eye out, but I haven't seen it anywhere, I just would hate to miss it as you're one of my favorite artists Q.Q It'd be a dream to own your book!
Faitherix's avatar
the balance of colors and saturation is fantastic and I absolutely adore those red shoes vs that aqua/teal chair

Also, your choices for where to place detail and render vs the more graphic impressions/suggestions is really well executed here
ArmasheltArt's avatar
I absolutely love the shapes and the lighting!
One question: which resolution did you uploaded this with? It’s so high quality! Great art, keep it up 🙏🏻
oufai's avatar

wow you draw this character! that is really amazing !:+fav:

AthenaTT's avatar
Absolutely gorgeous 
kaze26's avatar
Cambion-Hunter's avatar
He sure has that air of sophistication to him. Great job. Clap 
DrakeTheAngel's avatar
Just absolutely gorgeous!
winry7405's avatar
I'm so used to seeing Ash as this moody teenager, that he looks too dapper for me now. :laughing: Beautiful as always.
Valentina-Remenar's avatar

LMAO yea, he was moody as a teen... he's less moody as an adult :laughing: tho when he's using powers (as on this pic) then he also behaves slightly differently HAHA. That's why he's giving off a different vibe than what I usually draw XD And thank you :happybounce:

blackdoom's avatar
Hmm, Geralt cleaned up nice. :3
SupaStarFox's avatar
YikYik's avatar
Why do they have the same cane? Are they connected somehow? Beautiful as always. But I prefer Shadow. :meow: 
Valentina-Remenar's avatar

HAHA yes, they're definitely connected. They're both my equally main characters XD Later I'll probably explain how much connected they are HAHA. Thanks!

YikYik's avatar
lol. :D Awesome. Are they in your story on Wattpad as well? (Haven't gotten to it yet, but I'm working on it.) 
Np. :) 
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