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Angel lineart



And this is one of the linearts which are in our new contest "Paint my OC". This is for Second category of the contest where you need to paint this lineart like you want. And here you can made up the background also because I didn't make it. (More rules and info you'll get tomorrow when I'll submit contest article)... and later I'll submit even colored version of this if you would like to draw this character for the First category. Good luck to everyone.

These three linearts below belongs to the second category of this contest. Under first category you choose character and you draw it all by yourself, but under second category you’ll need to color one of these linearts. First image (this one above) as you can see has only a character on it… without background. Well, at this lineart you can use more imagination and paint the background as you want. If you like you can change formats too (from portrait to landscape or square)… but remember, you MUSTN’T crop the character. It must stay whole as you can see it here.

Other two linearts (below) you can just paint any way you want. For some characters I selected color palettes, but you can paint their hair, eyes, outfit… with any colors you want. These two linearts you MUSTN’T crop or change formats (you’re only allowed to do that with the first lineart because it doesn’t have a background), they must be the same as here. You can paint just one lineart, which you more prefer.

If you don’t want the lineart to look so black you may paint over it or change its color, so it will be less visible. The rest of the rules you can read under “Rules” section in the "Paint my OC" article.

PSD files from all these three linearts you can download HERE :dummy:

If you use this lineart then give credits also and DON'T remove my signature. Thanks :hug:

:bulletgreen: Adobe Photoshop CS5 colored version.
Another linearts for this contest:

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Do you have a palette selected for this?