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Scorn's demo was made available today for all kickstarter backers…

the reloading animation is gross, like most of the visual elements haha. The atmosphere is great.

Kickstarter campaign…
I post a bunch of works in progress there and some of my finished works, so it's a great platform to know what I'm working on (commission wips are not shared though)
I aim to do all the fusions that are requested but no deadline, I'll do these at my own pace!

Suggested already:

Jolteon + Weezing
Dragonair + Absol
Pineco + Furret
Houndoom+Tyranitar (DONE)
Magnetron and Kadabra 
Garchomp and Noivern
Onix and Machamp
Primarina + Tentacruel
Feraligator + frostlass
Scizor + Hydreigon 
Feraligatr + Umbreon
Grimer + Arcanine 
Feraligator + Charizard 
Golisopod + Necrozma
Blaziken + Tyrantrum 
Salazzle + Incineroar 
Vulpix + Mew
Arbok + Machamp
Garchomp + Feraligatr (DONE)
Chansey + Machoke
Tyranitar + Garchomp 
Pangoro + Beartic 
Decidueye + Baile-style Oricorio
Greninja + Noivern
Joltik + Kommo-o 
Blaziken + Lucario 
Charizard + Mewtwo
Charizard + Arcanine 
Cacturne + Machamp
Tentacruel + Sableye
Drifblim + Empoleon 
Pangoro + Lycanroc (night) 
Braviary + Charizard