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Illustration commission for HanaBannana88 on twitter!

I was tasked to design a dragon who controls and army of undead that bring it fresh alive food. I got freedom of direction so I picked a mata mata turtle as a base and mixed some viper and crocodile elements for good measure.

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What a wonderfully nightmarish giant monster villain! It reminds me of Gla'aki from "The Inhabitant of the Lake" and Gymaira from "Ultraman 80". Beautiful execution overall!

the problem with your description is that those folks don't look like undead at all, especially as they're dressed differently and in bright colors. I assure you I was scanning the picture looking frantically for undead…

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I love the dual theme of both sloth and power coming from this dragon. I also love the tears of people who can't accept an interpretation of a dragon unless its four-legs-and-wings. Their anguish echoes through the void and it pleases me. I thank you for this.

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I like the take on the design of the dragon. Definitely makes him look like he's made for land and does no flying whatsoever. Nice job!

This is epic.

I was immediately focused on the dragon. I love its turtle-like appearance mixed with what I perceive to be overgrowth on its shell.

Then you look slightly to the right and see some dude throwing a body into its mouth, then your eye trails along down the line of followers, and my heart sank a little. lol

Fantastic job!