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Silent place

Indian ink, watercolor.

Ruins of karelian villiage.
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For someone who isn't particularly drawn to landscape art this really draws you in!The immense amount of detail brought out by the image is spectacular.
Absolutely brilliant. I love how it looks flat yet simultaneously looks 3 dimensional. In fact thats what i personally love the most, the image pops out of the screen.

As for the concept I really love the eerie feeling this evokes- the only thing I might suggest is that i personally prefer black over white for the sky -but the way you chose to go about it contrast the main focus, the house, better. So it still totally looks amazing.

Overall its just truly pleasant to look at! well done.
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Thank you for the review! I am very pleased that my work deserved so much attention! Hug 
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of course it does, I'm glad you appreciate it. Lovely Shoujo Emoji (Huggy Hug) [V2] 
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Run down and attarctive still. I love how backgrounds seems to disappear in mist and how detailed is everything. I feel like loosing myself in the small leaves on the ground and dense tiny lines everywhere. Really admirable.
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Wonderful work!!  This reminds me of many of the old abandoned places here in Louisiana.....what stories they would tell if only they could speak!!  
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Like your graphic style. And with some light color the think are wonderful.
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beautiful and calm. what an inspiring art. is it in paper, like, handmade?
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Hyvältä näyttää.
Tunnelma on kohdallaan.

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A very beautiful work, especially how you did all those different details!
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Fine work,great I might add
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Beautiful work!
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A real wonder! :wow:
Stunning! Muutkin kuvasi ovat upeita.
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Reminds me of an abandoned shack in Skyrim! love it :heart: 
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So beautiful, it makes me want to enter through a portal and walk into this silent oblivious world xD. Would sure get a lot of peace and quiet that's for sure!
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Dang, how many years of practice did this take? This is awesome!
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Don't write here or anywhere on my page anymore. I'll mark all your copied messages as spam.
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