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Sager Rise Above Wallpaper

YAY! Sager just released their new line-up and it has a fun logo to play with! Made this for the new release, super excited. :D Visit their website here: [link] to check them out. As always, enjoy!
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Amazing image! I will definitely be using this as a background pic :D, but could you tell me where I can download just the logo with a transparent background? I would like to do some photoshopping myself :3
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Actually, all I did was trace a picture of the image on the mousepad and make it into a vector. Very simple to edit from there. If you are familiar with the pen tool in photoshop, you can make a custom shape, or you can make the vector in Illustrator. :D Hope that helps! 
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Thanks for the advice! That's what I'll do. I just though that maybe Sager would have the logo available for download somewhere, guess not lol. Anyway thanks again!
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It's actually Clevo's default mousepad, not just Sager's. I made it cuz I thought it looked cool. :D