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Liquicity Start Button

A bit different than most of my deviations, I was just messing around with my Windows 7 Start orb. You can change your start orb by going here for a tutorial and a free program download: [link] In order to properly use this, you will have to have the bitmap which I have included in the download. This will NOT work as a "Right click" and "Save as" download as that saves it as a jpeg or a bitmap without an alpha layer. Other than that, the rest is pretty simple provided you follow the tutorial. Enjoy!
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Really easy to DL. download, unzip, drag into your 3D objects file. First you may want to get Open Shell.

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Wow! I have been looking for something like this like forever! How awesome. Love your art.

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This isn't in the download folder
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Indeed. Directions go as follows:

1. Download the zip file containing the bmp file here.
2. Follow the instructions found here: [link]
3. At the end of that tutorial, you'll find a download button for the program, but for convenience, you can download it by following this: [link]

Hope that helps. Cheers! :D
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Hehe Thanks for sharing another useful tut man :P Btw? Will this thing not cause problems like corruption of files or whatever? I Messed up my win7 ALOT of times ago when I was 12 :P
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The program itself will not mess your computer up at all. It backs up the original file in order to place your custom file.
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