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Everything about this screams "Digital", I love it.
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Totally awesome!
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We got a bad ass over here, he hacked the systems
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you should really do a game man!:la:
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Hi I was wondering if you do this with photoshop 
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Hi! Yes, I pixel and animate with Photoshop.
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wow thats amazing, how many frames it took you wow
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There are 196 Frames for this one.
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holly molly, doesnt it become troublesome the the lenght of the time line tho? for that many frames
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Yes, it can be Frame-Pain. But I like this process anyway… ;)
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i know what you mean I like it too for small gifs but I really must say I applaude your commitment to the piece at 25 frames I go crazy, you are amazing and your pallete choices are spot on.
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I wonder: Is animation still as tiresome as in Photoshop CS 2 (if you are using a newer version)? I mean the activation of a layer in all frames when being added after frame creation specifically.
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I work with Photoshop CS6. Yes, it's still the same. ;)
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is very cool and remember me to watch dogs and i love it 
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Thank you, glad you like it! :)
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