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Reminds me of the song "Du Hast" music video from Rammstein.
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Reminds me of the G Man from Half-Life
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That goes well with Icon of Coil song "Consumer", where they repeat word "static".
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Is this a game? If it is I'm buying!
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Sorry, no game. But glad you would buy it! ;)
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Rise and shine Mr. Anderson..... you've been sleeping on the job........
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Ahhhhhhhh so much love for this, so much love <3
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Is is just me, or is my laggy computer giving this a more realistic look?
XD good job :) (Smile) 
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Reminds me of the buisnessman from Zeitgeist: Moving Forward
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Wow this is superb! How can you do this?:O
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Thank you very much!
Well, I animated it frame by frame in photoshop. In each frame I made a Selection of some figur and text-parts and move them left or right. For the background-effect I used the monochrome "noise"-Filter in Photoshop (it looks different every time you use it). A white bar moving from top to bottom (70% transparancy) and that's it. :)

I hope this was understandable. :D
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Wow! That's very bright! <3 Thank you for sharing! :">
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You're welcome! 😊
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Lovely effect!
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ohhh, wie geht das mit der animations vorschau???? ich habs immer noch nicht raus ^^ bzw mich nicht mehr drum gekümmert ;)
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Hab's auch erst vor kurzem rausgefunden. Das Vorschaubild darf 150x150px (und eine bestimmte Dateigröße) nicht überschreiten. :)
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ahhh, super, das muss ich demnächst auch mal ausprobieren :)
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