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June 17, 2016
Rolly Rocket by Valenberg
Featured by ValaSedai
Suggested by Cyangmou
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Rolly Rocket


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Animated Banner Artwork for the great Rolly Rocket.

Edit: Thanks to :iconcyangmou: :iconvalasedai: for the Daily Deviation! I appreciate that! :)

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cYbEr-PaNdA's avatar

A future I will not get to see within my life time...but beautiful never the less <3

BarsolTheWraith's avatar

The way you animate rain is amazing!!

SquallBG's avatar

OMG Valenberg, I enjoy your style and your work. So much expressed with so few colors.

It will fit perfectly our project to recreate a classic from the past City Connection. You might see our current progress here:

We have covered code, music, sfx. But we lack pixel artist. So I wonder are you willing to help? I would love to see your art as a background for some/all levels.

Thank you for this awesome background video. Hope it's alright to use it as stream starting for my twitch. Let me know if it's a problem. I'll put your tag on the top right or bottom right of screen. Thanks.

Bllq21's avatar

I love this! I saw it as "Waiting" screen on someone's Twitch channel (hopefully with your permission )

Polysiert's avatar

This is so cool!

gh0ulie's avatar

This is incredible, the more I look at it, the more it captivates me!

hardcoregamer2b's avatar
Man, you could do some awesome Va-11 Hall-A art now that I have seen this.
PCecileArt's avatar

I'm happy I've finally found who made this awesome art ♥ Thank you for this!

Valenberg's avatar

Thanks, glad you dig it! :)

hello am i allowed to use this if i credit you

Hi, we are planning on starting a 24/7 youtube livestream for lofi hip hop music, so I am looking for animated pictures that will play in the background. I REALLY like your cyberpunk animation. Can I use your animation in the background? (your deviant art and other related websites will also be in the description of the livestream)
neotopia's avatar
your work fits with my music. your page is like my dream video. awesome!!
Shiira13's avatar
I have searched hours to see who made this peaceful and beautiful art! <3
Tanassine's avatar
Hello! If you don't mind, I'll use it as a decoration on my profile. I'll credit you, of course c:
syhw's avatar
That's so cool!! the ambiance, the details... waaaaw
I like listening that sound with ^^…
Platypusofdoom's avatar
Dang, you put a lot of detail into this! No matter where I look, there's something happening. It really feels like a real city.
Angiecheshire's avatar
using on my commissions journal as decoration ^^
MarcoRibbe-de's avatar
om this is so outstandinly beautiful to every last detail. are you available for commission?
rainbow-teeth's avatar
I'm in love with your work. Got here through instagram.
neodotcity's avatar
Really great work!
celestialsunberry's avatar
You have such impressive work. Might I ask how you do your rain?
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