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PKMNation: Vivianite



Pokemon: Dragonite/Samurott
Name: Vivianite
ID number: 13298
Gender: Female
Special: Cross
Hatch Date: 2nd of August 2014
Types: Dragon/Water/Flying
Level: 100
Started Base Attack: 40
Current Base Attack: 64 (+4 from evolving)
Moves: Wrap, Leer, Tackle (Starter), Outrage, Aqua tail
Level Up Log:
6 levels from 1st stage ref:  Old ref 1
0 levels from 2nd stage ref: Old ref 2
6 levels, clutch image:…
62 levels, Outrage:…
6 levels:…
8 leveles:…
12 levels, Aqua tail:…
0 levels:…
0 levels:…
0 levels, evolution: Pretty butterfly
0 levels: Fall legendary event
0 levels: Nov. wk. 2: Captivity or Freedom?
0 levels: Nov. wk. 3: The spirit of giving?
0 levels: Jan. wk. 1: 12th Night
0 levels: Birthday of PKMNation!
0 levels, evolution: Evolving the Terror!
0 levels: Meeting the family
0 levels: WCS Round 3: dragonflight
0 levels: The Coming Storm
0 levels: WHAT is THAT!?
0 levels: Fail proof rescue
0 levels: Why are the eggs gone?
0 levels: Mothers of Moraine Ridge
0 levels: A normal morning
0 levels: OMG Raptors?!?
0 levels: Dragon knight
0 levels: Wake the trainer!
0 levell: Still not waking up
0 levels: Protect the trainer!
0 levels: Hug the trainer!
0 levels: There's slumber, but is there party?
0 levels: Power in Numbers
0 levels: Final Resolve
0 levels: To the skies!

Big brother at my ranch:…

Dark bright blue with light blue markings.
Loves her brother Vicanite and the two are seldom seen apart.
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