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PKMNation: Vicanite



Pokemon: Chesnaught, Dragon fusion
Name: Vicanite
Id number: 13297
Gender: Male
Special: Fusion
Hatch Date: 2nd of August 2014
Types: Grass/Fighting/Dragon
Level: 100
Started Base Attack: 40
Current Base Attack: 64 (+4 from evolving)
Moves: Tackle, Growl (Starter), Outrage, Take down
Level Up Log:
Old ref pic: Full body 2+shading 2+detailed background 2= 6 levels!
0 levels from 2nd stage ref:
6 levels, clutch image:…
63 levels, Outrage:…
6 levels:…
8 levels:…
11 levels, Take down:…
0 levels:…
0 levels:…
0 levels, evolution: Pretty butterfly
0 levels: Fall legendary event
0 levels: Nov. wk. 2: Captivity or Freedom?
0 levels: Nov. wk. 3: The spirit of giving?
0 levels: Jan. wk. 1: 12th Night
0 levels, evolution: Evolving the Terror!
0 levels: Meeting the family
0 levels: WCS Round 3: dragonflight
0 levels: The Coming Storm
0 levels: Why are the eggs gone?
0 levels: Power in Numbers
0 levels: Final Resolve

Little sister at my ranch:…

Darker green and brown colour, extra spikes on arms, knees, tail and back. Two longer horns on head and two little stubs on forehead. White, sharp claws.
Loves his sister Vivianite and the two are seldom seen apart.
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May 4, 2014, 4:45:58 PM
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