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PKMNation: Umber



Pokemon: Diggersby
Name: Umber
Gender: Female
Special: Morph
Hatch Date: 4th of May 2014
TYpes: Normal/Ground
Id: 8096
Level: 100
Started Base Attack: 5
Current Base Attack: 27
Moves: Tackle, Agility and Leer (Start moves), Mud slap, Dig, Earthquake, Hammer arm, Bounce.
Level Up Log: This picture: Full body 2x 2+simple shading 2 x 1+detailed background 2x2= 10 levels!
5 levels: Old reference sheet.
5 levels:…
20 levels, Mud slap:…
3 levels:…
10 levels:…
8 levels, Dig:…
14 levels, Earthquake:…
20 levels, Hammer arm, Bounce:…
5 levels:…
0 levels:…
0 levels: Birthday of PKMNation!
0 levels: Hello there
0 levels: Starters of Moraine Ridge
0 levels: Mothers of Moraine Ridge
0 levels: All pokemon of Moraine Ridge (part 1)
0 levels: The fluffiest wishlist!
0 levels: Too excited to sleep!
0 levels: Surprise!
0 levels: Babysitting the trainer

-Her coloration is based on this breed of rabbits:…
-Her fur is about the same lenght all over her body, so no curly belly fur. This is due to morphism.
-She dreams of becoming strong and awesome Diggersby one day! And now she is one!
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