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PKMNation: Show me your moves!



I have done 3 hard exams, 1 ridiculously hard essay and a few others tasks this week, and if I pass them all I have done around 30 credits, which is supposed to happen in 6months, not 2... But now that the hardest is done I finally had time to draw:) So some newer ranch members learning moves!

Everyone gains full body 2 x 2, shadind 2 x 2, simple background 2 x 1=10 levels!

Tungusite the Trubbish learns Sludge!
Gagarite the Axew lerand Dragon Claw!
Ilmenite the Poliwag learns Hydro pump!
Caledonite the Wooling learns Energy ball!
Straus Jr. the Cyndapin learns Mud bomb! He's a ground fusion.
Cristobalite the Starvee learns Swift!
Kimuraite the Rattata learns Dazzling Gleam! She's a fairy fusion.
Mattagamite the Rattata learns Petal Dance! She's a Grass fusion.
Atacamite the Wooling learns Energy ball!
Kainite the Ralts learns Aqua tail! He's a water fusion.
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