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PKMNation: Pink psychics



Because floating pebbles and floating half of the ranch pokemon are totally equal! This started out as a "I'll just do quickly some lower level mons.." And now it's "Let's have epic move learning thing!" But yeah, this contains all my pokemon, that were below level 50 before this... Yeah, there were 21 of them.

Danalite & Murmanite: Full body 1 x 2, partial 1 x 1, shading 2 x 2, detailed background 1 x 2, simple background 1 x 1 =10 levels! Both learned Psychic!

Everyone else:
Full body 1 x 2, shading 1 x 2, detailed background 1 x 2 =6 levels!
This includes: Rhodonite, Marialite, Chromite, Dioptase, Otavite, Kyanite, Morinite, Celsian, Lavenite, Calomel, Realgar, Hauyne, Gilmarite, Purpurite, Ares, Cinnabar, Dravite, Rinneite and Namazu.
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