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PKMNation: Mattagamite



Pokemon: Rattata
Name: Mattagamite "Matta"
Gender: Female
Special: Fusion
Type: Normal/Grass/Poison
Hatch Date: 30th of September
ID Number: 16356
Level: 100
Started Base Attack: 40
Current Base Attack: 60
Moves: Tackle, Tail whip (Start), Petal Dance
Level Up Log:
6 levels from ref pic: Full body 1 x 2, shading 1 x 2, detailed background 1 x 2
5 levels, clutch pic: BA40 Clutches, Cheap!
10 levels, Petal dance: PKMNation: Show me your moves!
8 levels: Nov. wk. 2: To the Grind!
8 levels: Nov. wk. 3: Stuffed!
6 levels: Holidays at Moraine Ridge
10 levels: Rattata
5 levels: PKMNation: Girls at the training field
5 levels: Mothers of Moraine Ridge
37 levels: All pokemon of Moraine Ridge (part 1)

Mother: PKMNation: Marialite
Father: PKMNation: Del

A bit darker violet color, a flower on her head and another on her spiky tail. Older sister.
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