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PKMNation: Inesite



Pokemon: Marshtomp/Musharna
Name: Inesite
ID number: 13440
Gender: Female
Special: Cross
Hatch Date: 5th of August 2014
Types: Water/Ground/Psychic
Level: 100
Started Base Attack: 40
Current Base Attack: 62 (+2 from evolving)
Moves: Tackle, Growl, Defence curl, Psywave (Starter), Zen Headbutt, Hydro pump, Psychic
Level Up Log: This picture: Full body 2+shading 2+detailed background 2= 6 levels!
6 levels, clutch image:…
8 levels:…
7 levels:…
VOID10 levels, Zen Headbutt:…
10 levels, (Zen headbutt, because better to learn it twice, my bad xD):…
11 levels:…
15 levels:…
24 levels, Hydro pump:…
3 levels:…
0 levels, Psychic:…
0 levels, evolution: PKMNation: Ground is moving
0 levels: Nov. wk. 3: The spirit of giving?
0 levels: Holidays at Moraine Ridge
0 levels: Jan. wk. 1: 12th Night
0 levels: Birthday of PKMNation!
0 levels: Meeting the family
0 levels: The Coming Storm
0 levell: Still not waking up
0 levels: Protect the trainer!
0 levels: Hug the trainer!
0 levels: There's slumber, but is there party?
10 levels: Power in Numbers
0 levels, evolution: Pink evolutions!



Mudkip body with Munna colours and flowers. Wears a blue bow on head.
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