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PKMNation: Girls at the training field



Girls after boys this time.
Full body 1 x 2, shading 1 x 2, simple background 1 x 1=5 levels for everyone!

PKMNation: Jadeite and PKMNation: Senarmontite helping PKMNation: Nantokite with flying practice.
PKMNation: Nealite, PKMNation: Rutherfordine and PKMNation: Devilline prepping up for some moves. (Not really) (levels updated)
PKMNation: Krieselite chasing after PKMNation: Jokokuite because of a misaimed string shot..
PKMNation: Karelianite and PKMNation: Carrollite running laps for speed practice.
PKMNation: Kimuraite and PKMNation: Mattagamite. uh.. leaping?
PKMNation: Maikainite being a target of PKMNation: Eulytite's hissy fit.
PKMNation: Tvedalite, PKMNation: Taramellite and PKMNation: Amakinite practicing battle looks.
PKMNation: Rilandite, who lost some fur... PKMNation: Aerinite who's ready to stand up for her cousin and PKMNation: Hematite being a bully.
PKMNation: Rosasite and PKMNation: Rosemaryite training up. (Lol, scary flower bush)
PKMNation: Atacamite jumping up and high(?)
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