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PKMNation: Festival at park



With the summer festival at full bloom with all the different games, activities and food shops some pokemon gather at the park to enjoy the company of other pokemon without so much distraction all around.

Levels from this are: Full body 1 x 2, shading 1 x 2, detailed background 1 x 2, event bonus 2 =8 levels! For everyone included, except one of mine, which will be noted separately.
There are 31 pokemon and between them 247 levels gained from this piece:o

NOW! Let's play a nice game of "Who's that pokemon?" when trying to find everyones own mon from there~

suicunetobigaara's pokemon
Blooper: 8 levels!
Cake: 8 levels!

bdg222's pokemon
Ramsey: 8 levels!
H-E-P: 8 levels!

millemusen's pokemon
Zofaas: 8 levels!
Daleros: 8 levels!

Amphia's pokemon
Aiyana: 8 levels!
Hento: 8 levels!

Piranha2021's pokemon
Lumina: 8 levels!
Mossdeep: 8 levels!

Lost-Tresure's pokemon
Lazybones: 8 levels!
Jingle: 8 levels!

KaelDokar's pokemon
Barbie: 8 levels!
Hide: 8 levels!

Pyr0m4ncer's pokemon
Phoebe: 8 levels!
Float: 8 levels!

Goku-Kun-The-guard's pokemon
Green Bean: 8 levels!
Pierre: 8 levels!

My pokemon:
Powellite: 8 levels with exp share to Elle
Hauyne: 8 levels!
Sengierite: 8 levels!
Nevadaite: 8 levels!
Otavite: 8 levels!
Nordite: 8 levels with exp share to Elle
Ellestadite:8 levels! + 16 from exp share =24 levels!
Realgar: 8 levels!
Lavenite: 8 levels!
Kozoite: 8 levels!
Natrite: 8 levels!
Dioptase: 8 levels!
Danalite: Partial 1 x 1, shading 1 x 2, detailed background 1 x 2, event bonus 2 =7 levels!
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Thank you so much! I can picture the sugar high that Barbie gonna have and Hide laughing at her :D