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PKMNation: Domeykite



Pokemon: Purugly
Name:  Domeykite
Id number: 15557
Gender: Male
Special: No
Hatch Date:  13th of September 2014
Types: Normal
Level: 100
Started Base Attack: 26
Current Base Attack: 48 (+2 from evo)
Moves: Fake out (Starter), Feint attack
Level Up Log:
6 levels:
5 levels, clutch image:…
6 levels:…
5 levels: PKMNation: Happenings
10 leves, Feint attack: Pkmnation payment: UberQuagsire
6 levels: Holidays at Moraine Ridge
35 levels: Not-quite-so-hella Levels Dump
10 levels: What Is Even Happening
17 levels: PKMNation: HATS
0 levels, evolution: The evos that took all stones


Only two springs on tail, no visible eyelids.
Image details
Image size
2415x1467px 2.51 MB
Date Taken
May 4, 2014, 4:45:58 PM
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The results are in!
Also, sorry, but I had to do this twice because I forgot the DNA Stone the first time .3. So, we've got two weeks of results. If you want to see the fail attempt, I can show you, but for now I'll just show off the most aspired clutch!

Clutch Size: 3
Species Numbers: 2 Crossbreed, 1 Glameow
Males: 1
Females: 2
Shiny: 0
Morphs: 0
Fusions: 0
Crossbreeds: 2
Base Attack: 40

Clutch ID: 237

I had to use a re-roll to get this, and I can again if you like