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PKMNation August event 2: Doing it all!



This time, three different scenes! Also, surprise Aetherium-Aeon, flooded-sky and millemusen!

In first scene, we have some of my pokemon comforting the poor mama Wailord and making sure she will get help looking for her babies. Also, my terror twins are taking notes from Aetherium-Aeon's Fennekin Mira, who seems to suspect every Tentacool for a gang member! Not Mr. Burns... erm, Montgomeryite, I'm sure!

In second scene some water types are inspecting suspicious net stuck in the rocks of seabed.. What's that tag in the corner of the net? And where is Gilmarite?? flooded-sky's Oshawott Carina is helping poor Sarkinite to cope with this all.

In third scene a lot of pokemons are preparing for the upcoming party. Most of them couldn't really help with searching underwater so they decided to make themself of use otherwise. Some of them are making sure the tent is secured, while other are cleaning the dance floor. Kozoite is setting up the sound system with millemusen's Electric fusion Slowpoke Haalvit. Others are either preparing a fire pit to grill some marshmallows or setting some decorations to make the tent all pretty.

Level time!
For most of the pokemon it is Full body 1 x 2, shading 1 x 2, detailed background 1 x 2, surprise bonus 2 =8 levels! If something else it'll be mentioned.

Aetherium-Aeon's Mira: 8 levels!
flooded-sky's Carina: 8 levels!
millemusen's Haalvit: 8 levels!

My pokemon:
In first scene 8 levels for Jadeite, Montgomeryite, Raslakite and Cassiterite!
7 levels for Titanite, because partial instead of full body.
Also 8 levels for Inesite, but she needs only 3 levels to hit lv 100 so 5 levels to be exp shared!
And 8 levels for Sengierite, Laz, Vica and Vivi, but they are all lv 100 so 32 levels to be exp shared!

In second scene 8 levels for Palladium, Rhodonite, Natrite, Reinerite, Sarkinite, Dioptase, Nevadaite, Sophiite and Linarite!
Also 8 levels for Realgar, who's also lv 100 so 8 levels to be exp shared.

In third scene 8 levels for: Ardealite, Chromite, Rutile, Dravite, Vajdakite, Ferroselite, Corundum, Andradite, Anglesite, Anatase, Vladimirite, Cinnabar, Rinneite, Hauyne, Stottite, Celsian, Purpurite, Marialite, Kyanite, Murmanite, Stannite, Morinite, Edenite, Cejkaite, Holdenite, Iridium, Namazu, and Gabrielite.
Also 8 levels for Kozoite who is already lv 100 so 8 levels to be exp shared!

EDIT: There are total of 53 levels to be exp shared. 46 of these go to my Furfrou Iridium, who then gains total of 54 levels and grows to lv 100! Yay! There still remains 7 levels to be exp shared and they go to my buneary Vladimirite who then gains total of 15 levels from this:)

In this pic there are 3 other's pokemon and 59 my pokemon.. and total of 495 levels... Wow? Such levels. Much effort.

I want this rarity more than anything in my time in the nations... I'll see what I can do next week since school started today D:
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