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PKMNation August event 1: Playing detective



I had fun with this~ I hope the people who are supposed to be surprised are surprised at least by the choice of pokemon, lol:D
My pokemon and the guest stars are searching the beach side for clues about the missing pokemon, when in last scene they are playing detective... on DVD:D

Leveling is
Full body 1 x 2, shading 1 x 2, detailed background 1 x 2, surprise bonus +2 =8 levels!
OR Partial 1 x 1, shading 1 x 2, detailed background 1 x 2, surprise bonus +2 =7 levels!

Underwater scene:
Guest star Lost-Tresure's River 8 levels!
My pokemon: Gilmarite, Realgar, Natrite, Palladium, Dioptase all 8 levels.

Bushy beach scene:
Guest star Pyr0m4ncer's Princess 8 levels!
My pokemon: Ares, Chromite, Sengierite, Marialite, Iridium, Dravite all 8 levels.

Cliffside scene:
Guest star suicunetobigaara's Green envy 7 levels!
My pokemon: Tremor, Namazu, Rutile, Holdenite, Borax, Kyanite, Inesite, Cejkaite 8 levels! Danalite and Nevadaite 7 levels!

Inside scene:
Guest star devbdg222:'s Byron, 8 levels! (Probably to be exp shared)
My pokemon: Kozoite, Cinnabar, Morinite, Vicanite, Vivianite 8 levels! Ribbon and Nordite 7 levels!

[Note: Sengierite, Ribbon and Nordite are all at lv 100 so their levels (8+7+7=22lv) will be exp shared to Realgar who will gain total of 30 levels from this]
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Thank you for including my pokemon! (I hope I get to hand mine in on time