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PKMNation: All pokemon of Moraine Ridge (part 2)



If anyone reads this: Can you guess what species every mon has? There's some hard ones too:'D

Part 2 contains next 70 mons, 100 or so remain:3
Part 1 HERE
Part 3: HERE

Level time:
PKMNation: Montgomeryite*
PKMNation: Halite*
PKMNation: Belkovite*
PKMNation: Yarrowite*
PKMNation: Brucite*
PKMNation: Fervanite*
PKMNation: Pyrochlore*
PKMNation: Leiteite*
PKMNation: Thorianite*
PKMNation: Stevensite*

PKMNation: Tatyanaite*
PKMNation: Junoite*
PKMNation: Dozyite*
PKMNation: Fiona*
PKMNation: Aguilarite* 6 lv, because full body
PKMNation: Lueshite*
PKMNation: Chamosite*
PKMNation: Aliettite*
PKMNation: Aurorite*
PKMNation: Coiraite*
(10*5 +1=51)

PKMNation: Tavorite grows to lv 32:'D
PKMNation: Alunite*
PKMNation: Shkatulkalite*
PKMNation: Kainite*
PKMNation: Kalborsite*
PKMNation: Domeykite*
PKMNation: Thomsonite*
PKMNation: Wadeite*
PKMNation: Edgarite*
PKMNation: Theophrastite grows to lv 55

PKMNation: Karelianite*
PKMNation: Monazite*
PKMNation: Joaquinite*
PKMNation: Suanite*
PKMNation: Carrollite grows to lv 55!
PKMNation: Rosasite*
PKMNation: Mattagamite*
PKMNation: Kimuraite*
PKMNation: Vanuralite*
PKMNation: Ilmenite*

PKMNation: Cristobalite*
PKMNation: Cernyite*
PKMNation: Martyite*
PKMNation: Maldonite*
PKMNation: Gagarinite*
PKMNation: Olivine*
PKMNation: Tungusite*
PKMNation: Caledonite*
PKMNation: Straus Jr.*
PKMNation: Cobaltite*

PKMNation: Hematite*
PKMNation: Atacamite*
PKMNation: Nealite*
PKMNation: Asisite*
PKMNation: Vanoxite grows to lv 21!
PKMNation: Dollaseite*
PKMNation: Liddicoatite*
PKMNation: Serendibite*
PKMNation: Heneuite grows to lv 35!

PKMNation: Corvusite grows to lv 41!
PKMNation: Kulanite*
PKMNation: Tyrolite*
PKMNation: Kadyrelite*
PKMNation: Mourite grows to lv 84!
PKMNation: Mrazekite*
PKMNation: Richterite grows to lv 66!
PKMNation: Redledgeite grows to lv 63!
PKMNation: Tosudite grows to lv 39!
PKMNation: Bernardite grows to lv 41!
(4*5=20 levels!)

Total: 50 + 51 + 40 + 45 + 50 + 45 +20 =301 levels to exp share!

Mourite gets 16 levels and hits lv 100! (285 remain)
Tavorite gets 68 levels and hits lv 100! (210 remain)
Theophrastite gets 45 levels and hits lv 100! (172 remain)
Carrollite gets 45 levels and hits lv 100! (127 remain)
Malaya gets 67 levels and hits lv 100! (60 remain)
Bernardite gets 60 levels and hits lv 100! (all used)
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I'm half tempted to try guessing all of them XD